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Adriana Amante
03/15/2007 - Adriana Amante
3 Scenes - 241 Photos - 38 Minutes Video
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Free Video Clip. Matt requests a classy blonde slavegirl with an innocent history. It takes us awhile, but we meet Adriana Amante. A beautiful midwest wife who ran off to find excitement and debauchery in LA and found us. She signs up to be a dungeonofcum whore in hopes of meeting a new master and we prepare her for Mr. Bixel. Spread standing and dressed in white, Adriana looks like a helpless angel waiting for satan. Matt arrives and cuts her clothes off. He eats her pussy and primes her with a vibrator until she squirms and begs for release. We strap and rope her down to a wooden box and Matt fucks her with his long dick and soon Adriana is begging for more of his cock. In the last scene, Adriana has her hands tied behind her back. Matt begins with deep thoating her, then doggie style, then she rides his cock in cowgirl. Matt gags her and ties her ankles and her fucks her wildy from behind. He drops his load onto her face and leaves her to soak.

02 Jan 2010 05:12 bombenName wrote:

06 Mar 2009 01:21 Woodpecker wrote: Adriana has a very fine body and looks great tied spread and helpless. Scenes 1 (except for the dildo gag in her mouth) and especially 2 were excellent.

29 Aug 2008 16:54 Crown Royal Bob wrote: I would have ripped the underwear off instead of cutting, but it works either way.

15 Feb 2008 07:50 Angelo wrote: love the dildo in her mouth while shes getting fucked and try to get more pretty girls like her. would be nice

16 Dec 2007 22:59 RL wrote: Really like the scene on the bed with no gag..thanks

19 Oct 2007 08:49 Raot wrote: Too much like a normal porn scene in the end! Why fucking in a bed, if there is that great position on the box to end this with a great cumshot on her stomach?

23 Sep 2007 15:59 ??? wrote: what the fuck how do you watch the videos?

30 Jul 2007 11:43 Angelo wrote: keep up the good work guys :D

23 Jul 2007 13:43 flavio wrote:

18 Jul 2007 12:53 Nort wrote: Nice tan, tight body.

11 Jul 2007 16:37 Joho wrote: She was a nice girl, wish to see more of her videos.

01 Jul 2007 19:57 John wrote: How do you play the full videos?

26 Jun 2007 13:05 George wrote: How do you play the full videos?

20 Apr 2007 12:37 satosan wrote: Love the tan. This girl is just an all around beauty. The kind of girl I came here to see. She'd look good stretched out in a standing spread-eagle between two posts in a barn somewhere out in the country. Or maybe tied to a huge rock face-up with her back arched; her naked flesh oiled and gleaming in the hot summer sun; as the men gather 'round to have a go...

15 Apr 2007 18:49 BlkTie wrote: In the scene where Adrian is strapped wide open on her back, I can see and alternate finish. Matt pulls out of Adrian and turns to a second kneeling bound sub and face fucks her in full view of Adrian. After Mat spews into her mouth, he forces the second sub to share her mouthful of cum with Adrian who ultimate has to eat it. Girl - girl = cool.

29 Mar 2007 02:40 qwert wrote: Scenes around Picture 2 are breathtaking. Whow! Superb Position. Please give us some more pussy closeups! In general: video resolution is perfect for my PDA but not state of the art for my laptop. Can u provide one better resolution?

17 Mar 2007 09:33 Bondageman wrote: This was the best segment yet. Excellent, Excellent job. This was a perfect ten in my book. I love gagged, helpless women.

16 Mar 2007 00:44 Bindher wrote: She looks like she needed to get tied up and fucked! Matt is great to watch.

15 Mar 2007 17:40 rev wrote: Nice! Would like to see more scenes like this with the model tied down and her legs tied wide open. More stills and video taken from the guy's perspective, before during and after sex would be great too. Thanks!