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Angelina Valentine
  01/03/2008 - Angelina Valentine 3 Scenes - 307 Photos - 51 Minutes Video  
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Free Video Clip. Master Otto is getting serious with his new girl Angelina Valentine, and he has brought her to The Dungeon for an evaluation. He just needs to make sure she truly is the one before they take the plunge. Angelina is a killer latina with an amazing body. After The Pope ties her to a chair, Otto steps in and takes over... Angelina has her hood removed and we get a look at her beuatiful face as the evaluation begins. We learn that she has never been tied up nor has she been spanked. After being grilled intensively for evaluation purposes, Angelina then takes Otto's cock deep in her throat. Next, Angelina is tied to a bench. Her ass is high in the air and her ankles tied next to her head. When her Master enters, he whips her ass and pussy before he piledrives her cunt with his cock. Then, Otto shoves the whip in his slave's pussy and fucks her some more. The whip is removed from her cunt and a rubber dildo is stuffed deep inside her. As her Master fucks her hole with the dong, he force feeds her his cock before he returns his attention back to her gaping pussy... Now, Angelina is bound inside a steel rack, she moans in pleasure as Otto again whips her ass and pussy. After Otto spits in her pussy, once again he buries his pole deep inside his slave. Angelina's pussy is double stuffed with her Master's cock and the whip again and as she moans for more, she takes Otto's cock in her eager mouth. Angelina cums forcefully as her Master fingers her clit and begs for her Master's payload. Otto buries his dick deep in Angelina's pussy and hammers away then, cums brutally into her waiting mouth.

31 Aug 2009 12:28 foxtox wrote: gallery3 is almost too ludicrous to be exciting

16 Feb 2009 09:59 patpowers wrote: This shows why chair ties don't work well for sexual bondage. Not much room to move and many of the good parts are inaccesible.

27 Jan 2008 10:04 JustMe wrote: Nice way to start '08. I can hardly wait to see what else you have in mind for members to enjoy you putting your performers through. Angelina is a beaut! Especially doubled over like you had her. She must be a flexable gal to do a scene like that so well. Tell her thanks so very much and do it again.

26 Jan 2008 16:08 Tygrrr wrote: Holy shit what a drop dead gorgeous girl! Not too crazy about about the last scene in the cube, mostly cuz she was on her side and I like to look the girls in the face. Had she been sitting up in that cube it would have been a different story. Cheers on the ballgags, tho try some other colors too some time, and hooray for the BJ's~! Cannot EVER get enough of them. But mostly, cheers for one of the prettiest girls I have seen in a VERY long time!