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Brandy Aniston
  01/14/2011 - Brandy Aniston 2 Scenes - 61 Photos - 26 Minutes Video  

Brandy's fantasy plays out further...Her long held back desires have now come to light...She is manhandled in the Dungeon per her initial request and she has paid handsomely for this service. The boys have no issues providing this lonely lady with exactly what she needs and then some...At then end of the day, Brandy will certainly receive her moneys worth...

14 Jan 2011 15:42 Darren wrote: She got what she asked for...nice plot :)

14 Jan 2011 08:35 develand wrote: Bring back Domenic Kane, he's a total stud!!!!!!!!!!

  01/07/2011 - Brandy Aniston 2 Scenes - 116 Photos - 34 Minutes Video  

A lone divorcee has contacted us. She has a long, deep seated fantasy that she has been concocting. She has come to the right place…Brandy is made aware of the rules. She says she is ready and we agree to the terms…The dossiers are handed out to the crew, the in depth details are revealed. Brandy's dark desires are acknowledged and the game is afoot… Brandy's escapade begins as she takes a leisurely jog. The madmen await and spring when the time is ripe… Back to the Dungeon she is taken and it all begins to unfold…

09 Oct 2012 18:12 Bob wrote: what a stunning model, beautiful feet...shame didnt get to see them take her shoes off, a bit of foot play would have been good. some cum on feet action.

19 Jun 2011 16:38 BitchSlap wrote: She Needs to jog More often to get In shape ... Still she is pretty hot

14 Jan 2011 08:37 develand wrote: Domenic Kane should become a regular Master, he's the best thing on this site since TJ and Derrick-total stud!

13 Jan 2011 04:19 Darren wrote: The gang bang scenes are great! Much more interesting than the older updates. I hope you take this idea further since it leaves so many possibiltiies. Thanks

  10/01/2010 - Brandy Aniston 4 Scenes - 275 Photos - 40 Minutes Video  

Brandy finds herself stranded downtown, after an argument with her boyfriend. The reality of being left alone in a unfamiliar place sets in as she can't even find enough change to make a phone call for someone to help her. Luck for her Jenner is a nice guy who is more than willing to help out a hot girl in need. They go back to his place to use his phone and it turns out that Brandy doesn't mind showing her gratitude with sex, but the kind of sex Jenner wants is more than she bargained for.

01 Apr 2013 17:46 bob wrote: Shoes removed after she was cuffed would have been good, i like to see soles. especially hers. hogtie would have been good. but on the whole it was a decent shoot.