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Carmella Bing
  11/26/2008 - Carmella Bing 3 Scenes - 281 Photos - 42 Minutes Video  
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Free Video Clip. This weeks video clips are located on top of galleries 3,4 & 6. Due to the impending holiday we are happy to bring you this weeks update a little early and would like to wish you a happy Thanksgiving from the DungeonCorp crew... Busty Carmella Bing is very well known in the industry but, this was to be her first ever bondage shoot. To say that Carmella has some big boobs doesn't quite cover the magnitude of her huge rack. As she struggles in her binds her massive jugs sway to and fro as Derrick greets her with his leather whip and reddens her juicy ass. With the formalities aside, Derrick proceeds to bury his cock into her tight cunt and the action really gets going. Carmella fucks, sucks and cums like a good, obedient slave and takes cock deep as she begs to be covered in cum.

09 Apr 2011 22:24 tridub wrote: Carmella is fantastic! I adore her curvy, thick body, and I hope to see more of her here, along with other ultra-curvy girls. In fact, I finally subscribed to this site just so I could see Carmella's entire shoot. (I hope management reads this testimonial.)

11 Jun 2010 20:51 GTMAC14 wrote: Carmella Bing Bing! What a beauty! Love those juggs!

26 Feb 2009 07:39 Ogler wrote: I'm not going to agree about gags. For my taste they should be used to stop a woman telling the master what to do. Derrick puts one in Carmella - quite rightly - when she shouts "fuck". A gag ruins the expressiveness of a girl's face and detracts from her individuality. I like the zebra dress that Carmella begins with. She has fashionably big boobs but too big for my taste (sorry Carmella). I like the bounce on Carmella's ass when Derrick slaps/whips it but I was hoping he was going to bend her over and gape her twat for us to ogle - but he didn't. Lucky Derrick spends some time fingering Carmella - which means I can see his fingers. Although he can turn her any way he likes he keeps her sideways to the camera. We see loads of his cock but he seems to think we want to look at him not her! ........Clip 2 .....Tied on her back legs apart is better. Derrick's dick going in is good to watch and so is the wobbly bum as he fucks her. This camera angle is fine - I can see the wet reaming and almost watch him finger her clit. I'll just make myself a cup of coffee while he fiddles with her jugs and be back in a moment. That's better - he's got the vibrator on her cunt - I'm not very convinced it's doing much for her though. Oh dear - more jug-jiggling. Clip 3 ..............Now she's lying on her side on a bed. Both Derrick and Camera assume we want to watch her boobs bounce - which is probably mainly true - even if not for me. He picks her legs up and I get a glimpse of her plump pussy getting dicked - but not for long before it's back to knockers. Oh dear - now he's got her doggy-style and turned her undercarriage away from the camera altogether. All I'm watching is one big wobble. I think the fuck is having more effect than the vibrator had - she's gone a nice shade of red around her face and throat. He takes the gag out to clear the way for a cumshot - which he eventually performs. I felt that Carmella had more going for her than wobbly flesh but that was mainly a bum-and-boob show. She had a lovely face, pretty dark hair and a super plump pussy but they all took second place to her weight!

20 Dec 2008 19:57 Pat Powers wrote: I like thick chicks, by which I mean women with some meat on their bones who aren't actually fat ... their waistlines are narrower than their hips and shoulders. Carmella Bing really hits the mark in that respect. Hot stuff indeed. As for the gags, I agree with JCB: it a woman doesn't have a cock in her mouth, a gag should be there. Maybe try a penis gag or one of those clear gags they have now.

05 Dec 2008 14:21 Eric wrote: I have been browsing through a bunch of websites not able to make up my mind to join any of them. When I saw Carmella I joined right away. She is, how do I put this? WWWWOOOOOOOOOWWWWW. Man, its awfully warm in here. More Carmella please, soon?

30 Nov 2008 00:49 JCB wrote: I agree on the gag issue. While my own taste when it comes to gags is that they should be used whenever there isn't a cock in the woman's mouth, it would be nice to see a little more variety than the standard ball gag, like panty gags or duct tape.

29 Nov 2008 09:50 MikeGpa2 wrote: These are hot videos, and the actors earned their money; well done. It would add some spice to the sets if the actors were to wear some gear, even if only a pair of glasses. All-nude gets boring after a while. Also, the ball gag might be sometimes replaced with or used in conjunction with a strap-on muzzle, or even a piss gag, even tho w/s isn't being done. Again, I like to see the muscular Doms wearing their boots and leathers, and a cod-piece would be good, and the ladies their sexy lingerie, and always hoping for serious adult spanking, and dawg training with collar and leash, and maybe even the strap.