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Chastity Lynn
  02/11/2010 - Chastity Lynn 4 Scenes - 366 Photos - 43 Minutes Video  

Chastity has been taking piano lessons for years from Mr. Bauer. Now that she is 18, she has decided she wants to learn the guitar and be in a rock band. Mr. Bauer is reluctant to take her to his private studio but, gives in and leads her away. Once they are there it seems that learning the guitar isn't all that Chastity wants to do with Mr. Bauer. She is a curious 18 year old with the sex drive to match. What follows is not to be missed....The Pope

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25 May 2011 21:53 Gilberto Brasil wrote: Deejay ohh, where is she???? The best woman in Dungeon Corp is missing!!!!

26 Dec 2010 08:38 Patton wrote: Great video.

16 Jul 2010 23:00 Reddwarf wrote: This babe is sooooo sweet lookin'. Her tight young body is so natural versus the silicon filled chick.

02 May 2010 14:29 Dall wrote: Hot doll, she is. I specally like the little hairs all over her hot slim figure as she takes it doggy, fine photog work, keep it crisp and sharpe.

12 Feb 2010 01:46 Leathers wrote: Great shoot. Nice thing you have going with the storylines, adds a little something to just a straight tie and fuck scene. Nice model, cute and cuddly and she takes a good fucking well. Would love to see her again.