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Chayse Evans
  07/17/2010 - Chayse Evans 4 Scenes - 291 Photos - 44 Minutes Video  

It's good to see Chayse again...this chic gets hotter every time I see her...more mature, more confident, sexier...but she's not much of a turn on for a Dom wno wants a submissive...I mean, Chayse is a professional porn chic and she can play whatever role we would like...And role playing is what turns her on...the interview footage in this one is great...Chayse explains how into Bondage one can be, without ever having a D/s or submissive fantasy...this turns many people off and downright pisses some Doms off...Sometimes, the problem is this...Many Doms need a woman to go along with thier call for power or will...anything else can be considered un-submissive behavior...But, some women and men for that matter, want to be owned and controlled....truly....for a short time but without playing along with the rules and doctrines of any D/s protocol...they want to play by the rules of any given fantasy...I call it the damsel doctrine...these are the rules that players who engage is this type of play adopt just as sincerely as those who adopt the rules and protocols of typcical, but always varying from Dom to Dom, or even sub to sub, D/s play...if I had the time, Id write a blog or post a video blog about this subject...hopefully I will have the time soon...In closing on this subject here, I'd just like to say that the Doctrines of Damsel play should be as open and accepted as the Doctrines of D/s play....and in my opinion, at this time in the BDSM, fetish and leather worlds, at large, they are not...Back to Chayse...her body is so fucking hot that I literally salivate when she is around...The Pope and Jenner pulled together a story and this is how the fantasy goes...Last time Chayse was around, we all discussed making her the DungeonCorp Damsel mascot...she really is the kind of model that you want representing your company's the Pope decided to give it a go...He brought her in to do a short, info-mational piece about DungeonCorp...and what he found is that Chayse's image works alot better when she doesnt talk...nothing against Chayse! The Pope didnt even write her a script...he thought, if she can't be colorful and improv on her own, what good is she? Let's even go so far as to say she was bound to fail...because the Pope also set her up to interview one of our new Male Doms, Jenner... Chayse was told to go with the flow and talk to Jenner about his experience and maybe even play a bit with him, if that's the direction it went...Jenner was told to control the flow and show us how he might Dom a woman with whom the door has been opened, but she aint steppin through just to please anyone...You kinda have to seduce a woman like should be an to make powerful chics feel like you are capable of taking control of them, seeing the subtle invitation and responding without hesitation...In this first scene, there was no script...Jenner was given a pair of handcuffs to use when and how he wanted...watching it all go down is better then reading about it...By the end of the day, Jenner has fully enjoyed havng his wy with Chayse...and Im pretty sure Chayse is feeling pretty satisfied herself...

  02/07/2008 - Chayse Evans 3 Scenes - 305 Photos - 62 Minutes Video  
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Free Video Clip. Fresh out of boot camp, former Marine Chayse Evans struggles in her binds in the Dungeon cell. With her mouth bit-gagged, she moans as she struggles to find escape. Her Master arrives and begins his inquiry, states his demands and then gets to business as he works his slave's body over with open handed slaps. Her gag is removed and Chayse has only a brief moment to gasp for air before it is filled with her Master's cock. Holding his slave's head firmly in place, Master Deen fucks his slave's obedient mouth. The gag goes back in and Chayse begs for mercy and to be fucked... Now, in full suspension, Chayse dangles from the ceiling with her legs tied open. Her head tilts back as her pussy is once again filled with Master Deen's cock. Her gasps of painful pleasure fill the air as her cunt is pumped and our slave cums explosively in her restraints. With her pussy soaked, Chayse is subjected to the magic wand. As her Master smashes the vibrator deep against her clit, Chayse submits once again, this time to a wailing orgasm... Bound and gagged on the bed, Chayse lies on her back as Master Deen again slides his cock deep inside her. Her gag is then removed and our obedient slave slurps long and deep on her Master's pole. Master Deen rides her face and Chayse obediently fits as much dick in her mouth as humanly possible. Next, Master Deen reaches for the magic wand again and furiously buries it deeply against his subject's clit. The force and senstations against her already sensitive cunt prove to be overwhelming and Chayse erupts in a bladder releasing orgasm. Poised and ready, Master Deen mounts his slave doggie style and slides his cock into her sopping pussy and barrels away. Fucking his slave at a breakneck pace as she begs for more, Master Deen pulls out just in time to bury his cock in his slave's mouth. Chayse, the obedient slave, eagerly laps at her Master's member and dutifully drains him dry. Videos can be found in galleries: 3, 5 & 7.

24 Oct 2009 05:55 Chris wrote: She is wounderful; a suspended Facefuck and a hard whipping would surfe her well;

08 Jun 2009 23:25 Tom wrote: Wow Chayse!!! GREAT JOB! VERY SEXY!!!

07 Oct 2008 08:18 KatMan wrote: Simply incredible! More like this. Please!!!!

03 Sep 2008 18:53 Wow wrote: This is by far the best ever! This is what this site should be! The bladder orgasm was out of this world! More of this and MORE of Chayse!!!