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Coco Velvet
  05/08/2008 - Coco Velvet 3 Scenes - 152 Photos - 48 Minutes Video  
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Free Video Clip. Bondage rookie and first timer to the Dungeon, little Coco is down on her knees, collared and cuffed, with her hands tied overhead. As her Master flogs her chest, Coco nervously giggles which proves to be the wrong reaction and the punishment intensifies. Derrick then inserts a finger in her pussy and removes her gag. With her ball gag removed, Coco is ordered to open her mouth as wide as possible so her Master can force feed her some meat. When Coco has a hard time swallowing her Master's cock, she is reprimanded and forced to ride his dick cowgirl style... With her knees bound by her ears, Coco has her pussy and ass eaten as Derrick paddles her backside. Then, Derrick reaches for the magic wand which he rubs against her clit. While his fingers are buried deep in her pussy, Derrick works Coco's cunt as she writhes on the bench wildly. When Coco reaches the breaking point, Master Derrick denies her of her initial orgasm and mounts her piledriver style and fucks her pussy until she begs to cum... Bound to the bench, Coco wriggles in her tight ties while she licks and sucks her Master's cock. After giving his slave a nice face fucking, Derrick makes his way to Coco's pussy and plunges his cock in deep. As she is getting fucked, Coco thrusts her body towards her Master's cock until she orgasms without permission. As punishment, she is then forced to lick her own juices of Derrick's pole before her Master goes back to her pussy and fucks her wildly and then sprays a huge load on her face... Video clips can be found in galleries: 2,3 & 4.

09 Oct 2008 07:24 KatMan wrote: Great Job. Wish he could have gotten into that sweet ass though.

18 May 2008 06:33 MataLeao wrote: Excellent post, Ogre. I thought it was a hot scene and maybe Coco isn't right for bondage but you have to give her credit for trying it.

14 May 2008 13:15 Ogre wrote: Coco was just not incredibly comfortable being in bondage but we gave it a try anyway because she is so good looking. Laughter is often nervous laughter and that is what we got from Coco. I hate to burst your bubble, but we do not want our models to be afraid of the masters. That is a part of the fantasy and when it comes down to it, Coco just wasnt much of a bondage actress. All bondaqe that does not lead to some type of legal action against the Dom includes some amount of acting. If you disagree I would love to get medeval on your ass and have a philosophical discussion about it all. Or you can go on believing that bondage models are afraid of the people that Dom them which actually scares me. Maybe too much reality for a fantasy comment forum, eh?

13 May 2008 00:05 Rooster wrote: Coco is hot but it was a turn off to see her laughing throughout the shoot. But when i look at her body my cock pops right back up. Can you bring her back again but have another master that she's afraid of?

08 May 2008 23:41 Ogre wrote: That is a well noted point. It seems most folks are using higher resolutions now and it is time to increase our photo size. You will see larger photos in the future. Thanks for your comment :)

08 May 2008 18:45 rev wrote: Your still photo sets here are .8 megapixels or so, pretty low compared to many sites. It'd be nice to see 1.2 megapixels or higher, here and on your other sites as well. It'd make a huge difference on most screens. That and more first person shots please. Thanks.