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Daisy Marie
05/17/2007 - Daisy Marie
3 Scenes - 371 Photos - 58 Minutes Video
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Free Video Clip. Reno is back, and can you blame him? Anyone who vists the Dungeon comes back as soon as they can. Reno requests a beautiful Latina slave and we get him Daisy Marie. Daisy is about as hot as they come. She is young, she is playboy beautiful, she is sexually deviant and her pussy is like velvet. We tie her up and leave her gagged on the sofa for him. In the first scene alone, he induldges in Daisy's helplessness for almost a half hour. She sucks, he fucks. And when Reno fucks, he pounds through his partners hips. He fucks her in every possible position, then he unties her legs and she rides his cock, then he ties her up again and leaves her bound and broken on the floor. In the next scene, Daisy is spread eagle on a bed. Reno uses a vibrator to get her off, then he jumps on top and fucks her from a squatting position as he holds the vibrator on her clit at the same time. A very impressive feat which sends Daisy through screams and orgasms. Then he unties one foot and fucks her some more. In the last scene, Daisy is tied and bent over. Reno pounds Daisy from behind. He un-gags her and fish-hooks her mouth as he continues to slam her. Then he moves around front and jacks his cock faster than any mortal man is capable. He drops a thick and gooey load on Daisy's face and crams the rest in her mouth. He leaves her cum-covered, pleasure-crazed and wilted. This one is HOT!

18 Sep 2011 21:31 daboss wrote: Daisy is such a whore that it actually works....nasty bitch, but he should have choked her and make her swallow.....he actually let her spit his own cum at him after he turned and walked kind of whore....his load was huge and I would love to have swallowed every drop....nice cock

09 Feb 2011 07:19 globet wrote: where is the link to the full video?

28 Mar 2010 06:33 that guy. wrote: Studmuffin your a little lae...this shoot is old and shes Gotten a boob-job since, altough i don't really think she needed it, looked good then, looks good now.

19 Mar 2009 16:26 Studmuffin wrote: She should spend the money from this shoot on a boob-job

26 Oct 2007 18:21 Bo wrote: This is really good. Couch scene is hot. Would like more hair pulling from behind. Bring her back

19 Oct 2007 09:07 Raot wrote: Nice hot girl? but the fucking positions are nearly as in a normal porn movie! Take off the ropes and you would see no difference! More of this girl please, but not in this way!

23 Sep 2007 14:41 Jerold wrote: where can i d/l the video?

20 Aug 2007 07:10 Angelo wrote: yea real sexy

30 May 2007 00:13 GamLok wrote: This is the Hottest set on the site! Daisy Daisy Daisy

21 May 2007 02:30 16aika wrote: very nice

20 May 2007 10:53 GamLok wrote: God damn, I said GOD DAMN Daisy is sexy. Every scene was perfect!