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Dia Zerva
  06/26/2010 - Dia Zerva 4 Scenes - 539 Photos - 62 Minutes Video  

This is a very interesting shoot...and thoroughly hot...first, we have two very interesting folks in Dia Zerva and Jenner...Dia is the fair haired goddess of wrestling and's more than a gig to Dia...she is a true combat enthusiast...a true bondage lover and an experienced submissive...Then we have Jenner...a new Dominant on dungeonofcum, but a guy with years of BDSM and rough sex experience...Jenner is a Dominant that found porn...not a porn guy who found do all of our Doms, Jenner lives it...I dont know the entire story, but after watching the interview, it seems that Jenner and Dia have known each other for awhile...and anyone that knows Dia knows that she is in a serious relationship...So I think they both see this as an interesting opportunity to explore each other...and I find it very hot, that as Jenner is tying her up and removing her clothes, Dia says "I only have one other limit, I allready have a master, but I will address you as sir"...Those are the last words of will she utters in this's like she knew what she was about to be put through...anyone who knows Jenner knows that he is a serious player...Dia knew what she was in for...and she said it almost as if she were rushing to get the words out before her head was thrust underwater and she wanted to finish with a last breath...but there is no water involved here...Dia was taking a metaphorical last breath, with her master on her mind, and it is so fucking sincere...I couldnt help but see Dia as a martyr to our use her...and she knew it and felt it...and If I were her Master, watching that moment might break a little piece of my heart...but since Im not, it just makes my cock hard...and the rest of the shoot grows out of that very real story behind the shoot...which makes it an awesome shoot to watch from beginning to end...Jenner used her as thoroughly as he could, and Dia took it all with smiles and screams...two titans of tyranical sex fantasies letting it all go...OGRE

19 Mar 2012 21:35 Bob D. wrote: With respect:what did Jenner do to receive such good fortune?

18 Sep 2011 21:40 daboss wrote: I love the way he slaps her and makes her lick up his could tell she did not want to eat his load.....she looked scared and disgusted by the whole thing.....bring in Isis Love and teach this ugly whore a lesson

11 Aug 2010 08:40 handles wrote: Sooooooooooo Good.

  12/31/2008 - Dia Zerva 3 Scenes - 174 Photos - 42 Minutes Video  
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Free Video Clip. This weeks video clips are located on top of galleries 2,3 & 4. Once again this weeks update comes a day early as we prepare for the holiday. We hope you have a great New Year... We were more than excited to have Dia Zerva visit the Dungeon. With her blonde hair, blue eyes and firm body, she's quite a piece of eye candy. She loves it rough and she loves to fuck and when Christian gets her doggy style on the cube, the action begins. Dia receives the utmost attention from her Master as she is fed his massive cock. After getting a face full of dick, Dia begs for more cock and that's exactly what she gets as all her holes are filled deeply. Watching Dia obediently offer up her asshole and cunt to her Master is truly a sight to behold...

21 Aug 2011 17:52 Wookie (the Drunken Kind) wrote: Woot! Dia!

26 Dec 2010 08:42 Patton wrote: So Nice!!!

11 Aug 2010 08:46 handles wrote: Talk about a heat wave. Record hot!!!

03 Sep 2009 10:45 gest901 wrote: This is the site's best shoot ever, and Dia's best performance anywhere; I thought she was going to take the guy home with her. A word of my own philosophy: Anal offers a level of stress unattainable in vaginal penetration, and it shows in the model's demeanor before, during, and after as well as showing the entire pussy in its own fullness and glory without a cock banging around in it. Furthermore, a birth canal that has served that purpose is frequently a joy to behold, but not nearly the tactile snatch it once was, actually or in our imaginations.

15 Feb 2009 06:09 Ogler wrote: I like Dia's long dress. They say that dress emphasizes more than hides a woman's body. With Christian's hands stroking her all over Dia is certainly getting some emphasizing!......I love the fun she's having with the fasteners that face full of humor is a pleasure to watch........On the box she's immobilized and gagged. Christian grabs a handful of that gorgeous hair first. I have a fetish about hair too so I'm happy with that. Her bum gets attention next. I can't tell whether he's fingering her pussy or her ass :( I would have liked to have seen what he was doing. He's got a flesh-and-blood girl. I've only got my screen.........He takes the gag off. I'm not sure why he ever put it on but I suppose it's traditional. She seems to be crying out for some cock and he gives her a good talking to before reaching for her throat with his tool. Dia's going a very deep pink! Her tits swing deliciously with the rhythm. The cock makes her retch - I hope she remembered not to have any breakfast......Round to the bum end again - more mysterious fingering. This slows the pace of the action for me. He's dicking something now and I haven't a clue what. My hope of watching him take Dia's "virginity" in dramatic anatomical detail has gone............More throating with Dia drooling everywhere - I don't know why that's good to watch - but I find it is. I do like her red face............Now Christian is messing about with the box - tipping it forward then dropping it. back. Hmm! That's just going to bruise her knees and it isn't even good to watch..............Clip 2 and she's on her back. That's more to my taste with her pussy waving in the breeze for all to see, her nipples peeping from behind her knees and her hair spread beautifully between her feet. The anal means I can look at her pussy but I'd rather be watching him fuck it. She flinches when he gapes her ass and that stare says it's painful. Watching him spit doesn't have the same effect on me as watching her drool. Yuk :(.........This is beginning to drag for me. Mustn't complain - I expect that anal is making someone's day but I'm only tolerating it till there's something better to watch. The face fucking is better to watch with her face going progressively redder. Back to her bum for a finale on this clip..............Clip 3 and she's lying on her side Christian shoves his cock in her ass again. The clear view of her cunt is no compensation. It's a delight to watch him play with her hair and forget the other and for a little..........He changes her position to kneeling over him but not the hole he's reaming. The view of two bouncing bums is about as boring as it gets. At least from the side I can watch him pull her hair. I can't tell where he's got his cock..........As he tips her back it goes deeper into something and she squeals - from pleasure or pain I can't tell. I wonder if it's the same thing and wonder what that means. He tips her back onto her side and makes her retch with a finger he's dipped into something messy behind them. Dunno what. Don't want to know what............He's fucking something again but there's no way of knowing what. He stops her calling out with his hand over her mouth and tells her to put her tongue out to catch his jizz which he duly wanks over her face getting her to lick up the spills...........Sorry Guys - for me that was a waste of a wonderful wench. If there was any joy it passed me by.

07 Jan 2009 07:03 rehtneug wrote: Again, I am joining because of Dia Zerva; and again, I am definitely not disappointed!!!