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Heather Hurley
  09/11/2008 - Heather Hurley 3 Scenes - 154 Photos - 43 Minutes Video  
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Free Video Clip. This weeks video clips are located on top of galleries 2, 3 & 4. Heather's new to bondage and the industry. She likes it hard and she likes it rough. Once she's stripped and bound, Otto begins to work his way across her naked body. Dirty little Heather gets exactly what she desires as her Master fucks her cunt and mouth roughly until she begs for a load in her pretty little face.

25 Mar 2009 04:17 Ogler wrote: Ouch! What gorgeous hair! (and I didn't even notice her naked pussy!) ..........On her back and Otto goes straight for her nipples which stand to attention beautifully before he does a bit of slapping and whipping. ......OMFG look at that cock point! This is when an innocent look counts. Heather's tarty stockings reduce the impact of the pointing phallus but it has plenty of impact to spare........Perfection would have her twat turned towards the camera for that first entry. It's not long before she is turned and displaying her wet bits to the world :)........ Otto goes to fuck her face and I ogle her hair and nipples ......Back to the fucking - a little bit turned away from the camera. Never mind - I love her flowing hair and flushing face. Otto stops to turn her to the camera and torpedoes her again :) All this changing of position keeps the clip interesting. Now he's slapping her for some crime - the acoustics prevent me from hearing his complaint. The clip ends on a very juicy close-up of her soaking wet pussy. ...............Clip2 and she's hanging by one leg with her trunk supported - a position I dream about. With her hair dangling freely and her cunt a yawning cavern I don't know where to look. This is my kinda video! Otto plugs her gape with that enormous erection and Camera zooms closer to show everything - good stuff. I like watching him finger-twirl her clit. Rotating her on the rope and re-entering is great stuff. Some face fucking then out comes the magic wand. I don't know what to make of her little cooing noises as he applies it and fucks. He seems to give up and get on with fucking alone. I could watch this all day! Just when I thought it couldn't get any better Otto gapes her vagina and Camera zooms in to peer into the tunnel and ogle her naked clit. Fwah!!! .....Clip3 is on the customary bed. She's gagged and bound hand and foot . Otto has her lift her legs and skewers her. I never understand this obscure position. Otto turns her round more cunt-to-camera as he screws. Zooming in doesn't quite hit the mark at that angle..........He turns her on her belly and Camera tries (unsuccessfully) to find a way of videoing the wet bits. Otto gives up on the pussyfucking and goes round to fuck her face. The most interesting part of this clip is the position change when Heather's hair gets tossed about. Now he's tied her gag round it :( Somehow this clip just doesn't seem to come together. It finishes with a shot of sperm in her mouth.............. My ears are back to normal but the echo still prevents me from hearing the closing discussion.

06 Nov 2008 15:20 Bondage1 wrote: Heather is HOT!!! I didn't care for the black stockings. Bare, dirty feet everytime.

25 Sep 2008 17:34 Namejules01 wrote: excellent