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Heidi Mayne
  05/01/2008 - Heidi Mayne 3 Scenes - 142 Photos - 44 Minutes Video  
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Free Video Clip. The graveyard shift can be a real grind, and when the cat's away the mice do play. Late at night in the office place, Otto and Heidi find themselves disgruntled with their jobs and alone and ultra horny. Things get started when Heidi sucks Otto's cock in the restroom and once the juices are flowing, Otto suggests a new location and something a little out of the ordinary... Arriving at his friend's place, Otto shackles Heidi's hands overhead and drops his pants so he can stuff his cock in her mouth. Heidi eagerly laps at Otto's dick and then takes his balls between her lips. Next, Heidi stands and bends over for Otto and gets pussy fucked from behind... Now, Heidi finds herself on her back with her ankles stocked. Otto mounts her missionary style and presses the magic wand against her drenched pussy. After he pulls out, Otto stuffs the vibrator in her pussy and plunders away with it as Heidi grunts in ecstasy and screams aloud as she cums for her Master. With her orgasm out of the way Otto resumes his cunt fucking as he demands his slave to tighten her pussy. Next, Heidi is bent over the horse as Otto takes her from behind and spanks her ass. When he removes his cock, he makes his way over to Heidi's face and shoves his cock and balls back in her face. Then, Otto returns to Heidi's pussy and demands she squeeze his cock with her cunt. Finally, Heidi opens her mouth wide for her Master and takes a load. Otto, then gags his slave and turns out the lights and leaves her in the Dungeon... Video clips can be found atop galleries: 2,3 & 4.