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Jasmine Jolie
  07/30/2009 - Jasmine Jolie 4 Scenes - 200 Photos - 61 Minutes Video  
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Free Video Clip. Video clips are located atop of galleries 2,3,4 & 5... A special request has been delivered to DungeonCorp... Jasmine has been caught whoring by her husband and her ultimatum is to be bound and fucked on film or hit the streets. Being the sick bastards we are, we were more than happy to fulfill the request... While we prepare the set, beautiful Jasmine fingers her cunt on command and we begin to restrain her... The cameras roll and Jasmine apologizes for her whore-ish ways... Bent and bound her punishment begins and she is spanked, groped and fingered... Her defiant mouth is stuffed with cock and then her pussy is filled... The punishment continues and suddenly, Jasmine finds herself enjoying this rough treatment. With a faceful of cum, she is left screaming in darkness. Her husband has decided not to pay for our services and we will extract payment in other ways...

25 Jul 2012 01:12 steve2334 wrote: hot hot hot