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Jessica Valentino
  07/03/2008 - Jessica Valentino 3 Scenes - 171 Photos - 45 Minutes Video  
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Free Video Clip. Gorgeous Jessica is pretty much a bondage rookie and we were extremely pleased that she wanted to shoot with us here at DungeonCorp©. She has a sweet little body and is an overall knockout. We first get a look at her as she is chained to The Dungeon wall and she is put on display for Van by Big Bad. Eager to see what our new slave can do, Van drops his trousers and Big Bad grabs hold of Ms. Valentino's head and guides it onto Van's engorged cock. Pleased with Jessica's initial performance, he requests a little more action and Big Bad ties her tightly and the actions begins... First, Jessica swallows her new Master's cock a little more as he plunges it deeply into her mouth. Then, Mr. Damage takes her from behind and stuffs his cock in his bound slave's pussy. Then, he gives Jessica the chance to please him by licking her pussy juices off his dick and she performs the task well... Next, Jessica is suspended from the Dungeon rafters when Van begins to fuck her cunt again. An impressive display of brute sex ensues as we witness Jessica getting fucked and sucking on her Master's cock. Her screams of bound pleasure fill the air as her pussy is plundered and Jessica, eager to please, begs for her holes to be filled... Now, bound on the bed, Jessica opens her legs when Van commands her to do so. With her legs wide, Ms. Valentino takes her Master's cock once again in her cunt. While fucking his little slave, Van rubs her cunt juices on her face and then rolls her onto all fours so he can get easier access to her hole. Jessica then receives a furious paced, doggie style fucking before she is lifted atop Van's dick. Bound Jessica then bounces atop her Master's cock until he throws her onto her back and lays a huge load on her face. Video clips can be found atop galleries 1,2 & 3.

11 Nov 2008 10:46 KatMan wrote: What a good little slave.

04 Jul 2008 20:01 seekr34 wrote: She's definately hot!