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Jezebelle Bond
09/27/2007 - Jezebelle Bond
3 Scenes - 440 Photos - 54:00 Minutes Video
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Free Video Clip. Molten hot Jezebelle Bond is back for another round in The Dungeon. Jezebelle oozes sexuality, has a killer body and loves bondage, and loves to fuck. T.J. Cummings is the lucky customer this week, as he finds Ms. Bond waiting for him in a gravity suspension. After he peruses our offering, it's time to sample the goods as he breaks out his flogger. The cold leather of the flogger is quickly warmed up as Mr. Cummings' works Jezebelle's vulnerable body over from head to toe. With juices pumping, T.J. strategicaly removes Ms. Bond's panties to get his fingers in Jezebelle's pussy and fuck her eager mouth. Switching gears, Jezebelle is then tied by her hands and feet. Legs wide. Pussy exposed. Seeing Jezebelle in such a submissive position, Mr. Cummings can barely contain himself. After a furious ass spanking session, he mounts Jezebelle hard and deep. The harder she gasps and moans, the harder he nails her cunt, pausing only to briefly dick slap her face with his cock before entering her again. Next, we find beautiful Jezebelle gagged and tied naked, to a wooden box spreadeagle. T.J. gets it going again by sliding his cock into her sopping pussy. Then to reward Jezebelle for being such an obefient girl, he breaks out a massive vibrator and smashes it up against her pussy. Jezebelle's screams grow louder and louder as T.J. slides his cock back into her while he works her clit with the vibrator until she explodes in orgasm. With his slave satisfied, it's time for The Master to deliver the payload. And the payload is delivered... in Ms. Bond's open and inviting mouth.

21 Feb 2009 10:12 georeg1 wrote: worthless fucking dude

15 Nov 2008 00:07 KatMan wrote: Great update. All 3 scenes were incredible.

23 Oct 2007 09:25 Raot wrote: Almost perfect! A little mor humiliation as in the updates before, no bed scene, perfect action and a good cumshot! But I would really love to see him explode, too, imidiately after pulling out without that running around the box!

07 Oct 2007 12:28 SadoMaso wrote: TJ Cummings is fantastic! I love watching him do his thing. He really enjoys inflicting pain, and that gets me off. The tit slapping is super hot. I would like to see him explore more humiliation of the sub. I'd like to see him with a sub that can really take some intense manhandling.

01/11/2007 - Jezebelle Bond
3 Scenes - 204 Photos - 32 Minutes Video
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Free Video Clip. Jezebell Bond is the fucktoy-slave of JP who decides to let Matt have his way with her. JP gets her naked and ties her to a chair in his living room. She is gagged with her hands behind her and her legs are spread wide. He explains that he will be leaving and Matt will be arriving shortly. He rigs a vibrator to buzz between her legs and he takes off. Jezebell is left to endure the helpless pleasure in her pussy. She cums as Matt is entering the house. He finds Jezebell and questions her about what is going on. Being gagged, she can only nod when he asks "Are you for me?". He slaps her tits as he grinds the vibrator onto her pussy. He licks her clit and sucks her tits. Then we find Jezebell in the bedroom. She is on the bed, tied up and waiting for Matt. He enters and fucks her face in various positions before gagging her, rolling her over and fucking her from behind. Matt then uses a spreader bar to keep her legs spread as he continues to fuck her fast and hard. He rolls her over for doggy, then onto her back. He removes her gag and cums in her mouth.

19 Oct 2007 08:39 Raot wrote: Now the bullshit cumshots start! Its a cumshot as on every other porn site! NOT GOOD!

01 May 2007 07:31 Jeff wrote: I love this woman's feet and I love to see them restrained like that. Very very hot!

12 Mar 2007 16:10 Blackthorn wrote: I've been watching Jezebell for a long time now and I always enjoy her in pictures or film. The bed sequence was a lot of fun (I love watching her stretched out so we can get a great view of her in her entirety). I'd love to see her with a bit more tension and worry in her eyes though - I remember a bit she did on another one of your websites where she was dressed in a skimpy school girl outfit. Something along those lines (or a harem girl) would be just awsome! So much fun - Jezebell is the greatest!