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Joelean Slave
05/03/2007 - Joelean Slave
3 Scenes - 282 Photos - 51 Minutes Video
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Free Video Clip. Reno is a quiet but stern Master who likes to fully control his slaves. With Joelean, he keeps her tied standing as he strips and fondles her. He puts his cock in her for a warm up before using a vibrator to make her cum. Joelean's athletic body tenses up as she cums hard for her Master. Reno decides to hang her in a hogtie, he whips her tits and fucks her face. Then he gags her and pounds her from behind as she grunts and moans. Then we tie Joelean down with her legs spread wide open. Reno flogs her cunt and tits, then he fucks her hard and long. Her body bounces with the thrusts and Reno calmly walks to her face and drops his load on her gagged mouth.

05 Oct 2010 13:18 handles wrote: Wonderful shoot. Beautiful model. Reno was good too. Excellent photos. Top notch.

21 Mar 2009 15:52 StudMuffin wrote: Fantastic!1 Use her again!

17 Nov 2008 22:38 KatMan wrote: Perfect body! Sweet little mouth. Great slave. Please get Miss Joelean back again!!

19 Oct 2007 09:04 Raot wrote: Absolutly great! Very good ending position, but why is it the standard, that the guys run around to shoot? Would you end a fuck this way, if you have a girl in this position? Once in a while this end is ok, but not as a standard to end a scene!

18 Jul 2007 12:24 Nort wrote: Love her muscular body. I hope you get more hard bodied women.

14 May 2007 11:22 Satosan wrote: Oral Cumshot here (YAY) The next set though with Amber did NOT see an Oral/facial shot WHY NOT?? While Reno and the other ladies here are Very Hot (!!), Amber is still my favorite. Please, in future, Never waste a chance to hive her an Oral Cum Shot...Also, In addition to the Lez Dom thing with Amber (thank you!!), How 'bout Reno or another of your models (Amber or Layla) getting a bound, gang-bang BUKKAKKE? (also with Lez/Dom assistance)

10 May 2007 18:09 Ogre wrote: The video clips for each scene are located in the Galleries at the top of the page. This shoot has Three clips in Gallery 4, 5 and 7. Thanks

10 May 2007 00:44 d fan wrote: ahhh, how and where do you down load the movies at?

04 May 2007 09:37 FD Fan wrote: Your description above is incorrect at the end. Reno ungags Joelean before he cums in her open mouth. He does not "drop his load on her gagged mouth." And a good thing, too: it is much, much sexier for the slave's mouth to be ungagged (though she otherwise remains tightly bound) so she may receive all of her master's cum into her mouth, savor the taste, and swallow down every drop. A wonderful and classic sign of sexual submission to her master.

03 May 2007 16:47 boots wrote: I would love to see her boots left in the shots, maybe tied to her even... shots of her boots being unzipped and removed would be horny too. Bootguy

03 May 2007 14:10 rev wrote: Excellent shoot. Would have liked to see more stills from his perspective in the final scene, looking down on her with her legs spread. Thanks