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Kayme Kai
  01/21/2010 - Kayme Kai 4 Scenes - 386 Photos - 50 Minutes Video  

In a dark, dank alley, Kayme innocently makes a phone call to her better half eager to begin their weekend together. After her call has ended, she is approached by a tall stranger who's idea of a perfect weekend is strikingly different. Kayme finds herself giving up control as she meets the stranger's demands and down on her knees she goes...Her clothes are roughly removed and soon her new friend begins to have his way. Her tight pussy and mouth are stuffed with cock and she obediently does her best to please. Just when she has hopes that the ordeal is over, she realizes that this was just a taste. The sadistic stranger has more than one trick up his sleeve and Kayme is pushed to the limits of physical and mental endurance as she is put through her paces.

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27 Jan 2010 08:11 GoBackToSleep wrote: The Window Media link is still in MP4 format. Please correct this.

23 Jan 2010 04:17 subfordom wrote: I'm still downloading the shoot, but anything with Master Christian in it is a winner for me..! He's awesome...! Hope there's a lot of face slapping and brutality !