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Lexi Belle
  03/06/2008 - Lexi Belle 3 Scenes - 210 Photos - 43 Minutes Video  
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Free Video Clip. After tiny Lexi Belle is slowly stripped then pawed by Alex, she finds herself tied and gagged in the Dungeon. Master Alex lifts his petite slave's feet off the ground and eats her anus. Then, he embarks on a mission of pain as he works Lexi's back and bottom over thoroughly with his flogger. As the flogger strikes Lexi's flesh she cries out in submissive pleasure. When Lexi attempts to squirm away, once again her feet leave the ground only this time, her cunt is filled with cock. Lexi is then released from her holds and brought to her knees and at this time, she takes her Master's dick deep down her tiny little throat. Next, she is bent over on all fours where her pussy and face are fucked before she is strung up again and left alone in the Dungeon... Now, dangling from the rickety Dungeon rafters, Lexi lays spread wide before her Master. First her tightly bound hands stroke her Master's cock, then after her cunt is licked clean, the magic wand is pressed against her clit. Little Lexi is vibed then fucked before she licks her juices off her Master's cock. The pussy pummeling continues once again as Master Alex slides his dick between his slave's legs and fucks her to a screaming orgasm... Bent and bound, Lexi whimpers from behind her red ball gag. The gag is removed so that she may once again take her Master's pole in her eager mouth. As Lexi bobs her head up and down, it is an amazing sight to see how much flesh she can swallow. Eager to sample his slave's pussy once more, Alex straddles his subject from behind and hammers away. Grabbing hold of his slave's head for traction, Alex brings Lexi to orgasm again. Then, Lexi takes his cock in her mouth once more before taking his load on her face. Videos are in galleries: 3, 4 & 5.

08 Jan 2013 10:38 John wrote: Lexi is hot! Please do many more shoots with her ;)

16 Jun 2008 00:56 Alex wrote: Gags are important. And now your worn out broken gag has disturbed a lot of good shoots here and at ps - must be possible to get a new one or 5

27 May 2008 13:55 modernist wrote: This is probably the best shoot on this site. She is astonishing. Please do more with her!!

09 Mar 2008 11:03 Budrow wrote: Lexi is about the sweetest looking little bitch I have ever seen! That pussy seems unreal. Find me more sweet and innocent young bitches!