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Mason Moore
  02/12/2009 - Mason Moore 3 Scenes - 217 Photos - 45 Minutes Video  
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Free Video Clip. This week's video clips can be found on top of galleries 2,3 & 4. When chesty Mason arrives to Otto's place of employment there seems to be a little confusion about their lunch plans. Finding themselves alone in the warehouse, Otto seizes the opportunity for a little one-on-one time and coerces his beautiful lady into undressing. After Mason reveals her amazing body, the heat intensifies when Otto binds her wrists with electrical tape. Down on her knees, Mason is eager to please as she takes Otto's cock deep down her throat. Then, Mason gets fucked in a variety of bound positions before she swallows a hefty load.

17 Jul 2010 19:16 IBeatSluts wrote: She could be the hottest babe in bondage game ... except for those Butt-Ugly tattoos!!! Slap that bitch hard just for fucking up a great body like that with street hooker ink!

28 May 2009 00:04 fix3890 wrote: Mason is a real babe and Otto is a good performer, but he has a bad habit of wiggling his cock as if he has genital OCD. Distracting.

23 Mar 2009 13:49 StudMuffin wrote: Awesome Babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 Feb 2009 23:41 Ogre wrote: Nice comment. I really appreciate your zesty description...It was a hot shoot :)

12 Feb 2009 20:15 Ogler wrote: Otto can't keep his hands off Mason - he's like a kid with a new toy. She loves being explored and showing off her attributes. I like her giggly=girl demeanor and her shiny dark hair. Otto shows us a nice wet cave to anticipate for later. ..........Hands tied and naked she seems to like sucking cock. I like the way she looks adoringly into his face as she does it. It's a nice wet job brought to an abrupt end when he stuffs her knickers in her mouth and tapes them. Otto has to screw her now. He doesn't forget to let us watch him put it in but for my taste he could have spent more time munching her pussy and getting her (and me) excited. ..........Next scene and she's roped on a "table" in that familiar one leg up and one down position that emphasizes a girl's undercarriage so well. It works! Otto does some ass slapping and pussy fingering before slipping the dick in. Camera gives us an anatomy feast. As Otto gapes her voluminous vagina we get to see her delightful little pink pearl naked and unhooded ..... She gets some tools shoved up her. Spectacular but I prefer skin on skin.- which we see plenty of too. I liked the toe-dicking! She's lost her gag and Otto takes the opportunity to fuck her face before he stuffs the knickers back in...........In the third scene she's wearing an imaginative yoke. I suppose he had to do something with her knockers but the boob-banging was mercifully short before he was back pussyfucking her - kinda legs-up crucified on her back. The highlight for me was the two-finger frigging that I feel sure made her cum. His rather cliché cum was in her mouth. The impending gang bang was a neat bit of fantasy. Mason was a lot of fun to watch getting the Otto treatment!