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Natalie Minx
  10/23/2008 - Natalie Minx 3 Scenes - 186 Photos - 50 Minutes Video  
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Free Video Clip. This weeks video clips are located on top of galleries 1,2 & 3. A hot and sexy building code inspector makes a surprise appearance at the Dungeon. Her tart little attitude is begging for adjustment and that's exactly what she receives. After a heavy groping by The Pope, she is bound tightly and assumes the position for Master Derrick. Her succulent tits and milky white flesh are given a vicious work over as her Master fucks her holes and then fills her face with cum. Natalie Minx in her first ever boy-girl shoot!

10 Mar 2009 22:35 Ogler wrote: It's a brave girl that allows herself to be cast as a wicked witch at the Dungeon. Natalie knows how to look sweet and innocent when she tries but here she looks both hard and tarty. His Erection The Pope does a great job of reducing her to helpless, cuffing her to an overhead bar and vibrating her very vulnerable-looking pussy. I wondered why she was wearing too much lipstick now I know. That stuff gets everywhere. I'd rather see Derrick finger her puss than slap her. I guess I failed my Sadism exams. After the slapping he fucks her, standing doggy style. At least I think he does - Camera is not too explicit about that and we have to use our imagination about the slithery wet organs. Oh good - Derrick lifts her leg and we get to watch some of the fuck in glorious detail.......Clip2 and she's tied to a sorta horsy thing, face down there's still too much jam about but she's drooling beautifully round the gag. I'm enjoying looking at her very mobile hair.....Derrick is making her twitch with some electrical pads. It's a brave man who puts his dick in a wicked witch's mouth when he's making her twitch. I think I would want to bite! .......I'm envying Derrick the fuck (which I'm not seeing again) :) and the handling of that lovely hair....... Camera makes an attempt to show us the business end of the sex but from this cramped angle I'd rather watch her hair and the twitch. Fortunately, the effect of the lipstick seems to have almost disappeared and the flush on Natalie's face looks natural and sexy.......Clip3 and Natalie is on the bed with hands tied to feet and a red gag, helplessly getting fucked by Derrick. Her skin has a full rosy glow and the energy of the fuck is shaking her like e rag-doll............At first we can see her pounded pussy but Derrick swings her round so we can't. Spoilsport! ....... Now Camera catches a glimpse of the wet bits - that'll do nicely :) .........The wet pussymeat is very swollen as Derrick pounds. I can't believe that Natalie isn't orgasming..........Derrick goes round to spill on her gag and decorates her face with jizz......Finale and there's a softer gentler Natalie snuggling up to Derrick............ I don't think the lipstick worked for me but I loved the real wet sex.

23 Oct 2008 22:54 JCB wrote: This was an excellent update. I'd seen Natalie Minx before on another site, and she did a great job in this.