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Nicki Hunter
  02/18/2010 - Nicki Hunter 4 Scenes - 493 Photos - 64 Minutes Video  

Confined in her cage, Nicki is about to get a taste of her own medicine. She's usually on the giving end but, today she will be receiving. Derrick issues the demands as he brandishes his cattle prod and Nicki fidgets nervously as it crackles through the air. She defiantly pulls away as she is restrained and stretched and Derrick quickly puts her into place. The slaps on her ass paint her flesh red and her pussy begins to sop as she is brutally fingered. Her massive tits are released and Derrick smashes a vibe against her clit. Nicki screams as she grinds against the wand and she cums quickly without permission. Her lack of self control will now haunt her as Derrick will push her to the breaking point.

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06 Jul 2010 05:16 LIAO LUNG JIE wrote:

23 Feb 2010 08:49 TaurusComix wrote: Just awesome, & that goes for all the sites - the DCORP pass is great (you guys are nuts)... The models here are fantastic... Would love to see more eerie abduction scenes, they're always fun...

19 Feb 2010 13:42 Kyle wrote: Epic. pure epic.