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Regan Reese
  02/21/2008 - Regan Reese 3 Scenes - 216 Photos - 40 Minutes Video  
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Free Video Clip. Adorable little Regan Reese is led into the Dungeon by her Master Otto Bauer and is firmly planted on her Master's knee. Otto bends his tiny little slave over and peppers her lucious ass with slaps. Then, after removing Regan's gag, he shoves his cock deep down her throat. Regan eagerly does her best to take it all the way in but, the force and depth of her Master's face thrusts cause her to sputter and gag. Then, Regan is mounted from behind and fucked mercilessly as Otto grabs hold of her hair for traction... Now, dangling from the Dungeon ceiling, Regan's cunt is filled with cock. As she moans through her ball gag, slave Regan takes her Master's dick deeply. Her gag is removed and once again Regan is face fucked as the blood rushes to her head. Her hanging position makes it easy for Master Otto to spin her mid-air and he trades off. Back and forth, cunt to mouth... Tied on her back, Regan has her legs spread as her Master covers her face with dick slaps. Spitting on her cunt for lubrication, Otto takes his slave once again as he slides deep inside. Restrained in her binds, Regan takes the brunt of the fucking full force until finally, Otto covers her cunt in cum... Videos can be found in galleries: 2,4 & 5.

26 Apr 2008 07:26 GBher wrote: It would be nice to see a slew of men have fun slipping their cocks in that nice pussy

28 Feb 2008 03:31 James41 wrote: The video quality is outstanding!

24 Feb 2008 04:33 WINDSOR wrote: a good little slave bitch. Otto is the man!