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Sasha Knox
  09/24/2009 - Sasha Knox 4 Scenes - 207 Photos - 62 Minutes Video  
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Free Video Clip. Just a reminder that gallery 1 contains all the video clips for a given weeks update. Hopefully you will enjoy the new features and formats we are implementing...Sasha decided to pay a visit to the DungeonCorp studios here in Los Angeles to get a feel for what we are all about. She had been considering working with us and just wanted to get a feel for our facilities and crew. Her arrival placed her at our location at a time when our regular employees weren't on location. Meandering around she happened upon a worker working on some set construction. After exchanging formalities, it didn't take Sasha long to figure out that this friendly worker had a bit more than saying hello on his mind. She would soon be immersed in a predicament where she would be stripped, bound and roughly fucked. We sure hope she enjoyed her "visit"...

07 Jan 2010 18:01 GoBackToSleep wrote: Ah those nubile, pliable, softly tanned Asian sluts. Submissive, just aching to have you pull their soft black hair. Not too hairy and never, ever, ever sounding like those whiny Japanese schoolgirls who whimper as though they are being raped. Wonderfully lightweight spinners that can have their soft skin easily manhandled. A very easy scene to masturbate to (at least I'm disgustingly honest).

26 Sep 2009 03:44 GY wrote: absolutely the best ever. A request though, can we see more of DP, my goodness what can I say!!!!

25 Sep 2009 01:49 Ogre wrote: We changed the format and layout of the videos. You can now find all video clips in Gallery 1...

25 Sep 2009 01:13 RL wrote: were is the video?