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Savanah Gold
  04/17/2008 - Savanah Gold 3 Scenes - 187 Photos - 39 Minutes Video  
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Free Video Clip. Blonde and busty, feisty little Savanah Gold struggles in her suspension as Master Alex squeezes her toes with his pliers. Alex then turns his attentions to her massive tits and grabs hold of her nipple with the pliers and gives it a good tug. Savanah however, still remains defiant so Alex gives her a good workover with his flogger. Then, Alex buries his face in his slave's ass before he takes her from behind and gives Savanah a good, solid fucking... Next, Savanah is tied and bound bent over the bench. With her ass and pussy exposed, Master Alex once again seizes the opportunity to bury his tongue in her tight asshole. Savanah then has her gag removed and receives a face full of dick. With his cock now coated in his slave's saliva, Alex buries his cock balls deep in Savanah's hole and roughly pounds away. As Savanah takes her fucking, her bodacious tits sway and her little feet leave the ground as she hangs on tightly. After giving his slave another rough face fucking, Alex then presses the magic wand up against Savanah's sopping clit. Savanah however, remains defiant, so a ball gag is stuffed in her filthy mouth before she gets fucked some more and is left alone and struggling in the Dungeon... In the spreader bar, Savanah is cuffed and shackled on the bed awaiting her Master. Alex places the magic wand between her open legs and slides his cock deep in Savanah's throat. Now, Alex turns his attentions back to his slave's pussy as he buries his cock in it and smashes the vibe against her clit. Savanah finally gives in as she cums explosively and then opens her mouth wide to accept her Master's load. Video clips can be found in galleries 2,3 & 4.

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