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Savannah Stern
  02/26/2009 - Savannah Stern 3 Scenes - 206 Photos - 44 Minutes Video  
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Free Video Clip. Video clips for this update are located on top of galleries 2,3 & 4. First dates always seem to hold a few surprises and this would certainly be the case with Savannah and Christian. After a nice night on the town, the couple makes a stop at Christian's place and things get intense. What starts off as an innocent make out session, quickly evolves as Savannah has her clothes removed revealing her mind boggling body. Savannah seems surprised to hear Christian's bondage fantasies but, agrees to let him tie her wrists. Before she knows it, Savannah is bound and gagged in a variety of positions taking fat cock deep and hard...

24 Aug 2012 15:42 vnella wrote: About 05 March 2009 concerning shoes. I always thought it was something the ladies wanted. Some women do not like to be totally nude. If it's socks, or shoes, etc. it might make them feel more comfortable... if that's possible concerning the venue. Interesting Ogre...

14 Aug 2011 10:47 Trevet wrote: Great, though I don't like silicone

23 May 2009 11:40 miguel wrote: hola

16 Apr 2009 21:48 Medusa wrote: Really like this one... I keep coming back to it. I think I am in love with Master Christian.

29 Mar 2009 07:52 Studmuffin wrote: She is AMAZING!!!! Wow!!! Use her again!!!!! Makes me cum!!! Nice tits!!!

05 Mar 2009 11:08 Ogre wrote: Chemistry is a tough one...Sometimes the models have it together and sometimes they don't, but I do apprteciate that it may make or break a scene...I thought these two had a great shoot...I agree that the shoes should have been removed at some point in the shoot...Some folks love em, some folks do not, so we try to give both shoe and bare foot scenes...Thanks much for the feedback...It seems we share in our choice of positions because your two favorites are mine as well...

05 Mar 2009 00:08 GoTime wrote: A few general comments. First, on the positive side, this update did have my two favorite bondage ties (hands behind the back and spread eagle...keep up some of the onscreen tying/gagging, as well). And I have a huge fetish for black hair, so Savannah was nice to look at. On the negative side, I didn't really think that she and Christian had any on screen chemistry in this update. Certain pair-ups on this site are great in how erotically charged they are (the Riley Shy/Christian update comes to mind), and I just didn't get that from this one at all. (And for the life of me I don't know why you guys use high heels! To me they look goofy in a bondage scene.) Anyway, just thought I'd comment on those few things. :)

27 Feb 2009 05:37 Ogler wrote: I like the new background and the fact that Savannah is dressed to begin with. She's very attractive with that long dark hair. It would be fun to see her looking less tarty - I like to be "surprised" when the girls look innocent and get tied and shagged. I enjoyed watching Christian in a romantic mood with Savannah still fully dressed. (table 2). Lying on her back on the couch and getting pussy-munched was good to watch (table 21). I especially enjoyed the "reverse cowgirl" I love watching a girl's clit slide up and down a guy's shaft. (table 40) The other position I liked was the hair-pulling doggy-fuck (table 66) .....Clip 2 and she's tied spread-eagled on the bed. Pics like Lay 5 press my ogle buttons. Christian is less gentle after a slap or two going for throating her with his dick. (I must say the acoustics are better - even I can hear what they're saying!). He sticks his dick up her about five minutes into the clip and Camera comes round for some close-up work (about 05:20. Some people don't like it - I love it! The entire missionary position is good to watch. I like it when the video checks in with the reaming (as in 07:50) - not for too long but very explicitly. We get a surprise at 08:04 when the video camera goes POV. It appears (optical illusion) that Christian is holding the camera and we get the impression that it's we who are doing the fucking. Savannah is very good humored! - nice clip! ..... Clip 3 Christian is having a really good ogle and spreading her twat so we can almost see up her. Not everyone will enjoy that but I would enjoy going even closer - gazing into a gaping vagina and getting to see her pink pearl clitoris unhooded. Cock in mouth is O.K. but hardly unusual at FD....... The fucking is bum-over-balls. Not my favorite video position. Two ass-holes and no pussymeat isn't my idea of fun. He turns her round and we get a brilliant view of her getting shagged with her weight on his arms (not on his body) I love it!!! (e.g. ride 17). Christian is free to ream energetically and makes the most of it - good stuff! Next he skewers her in a doggy-like position with them both on their sides (ride 27) - more good explicit fucking! :) .... I get to hope he's going to creampie her - but we get the usual "coitus interruptus" instead and he drops it on her face. They're both in a great mood for the final interview - lots of good humor and affection. Good movie!