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Sisi Sinz
  10/02/2008 - Sisi Sinz 3 Scenes - 241 Photos - 52 Minutes Video  
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Free Video Clip. This weeks video clips are located on top of galleries 2,3 & 4. A sexy Latina is enlisted for Dungeon duties this week. Sultry Sisi has one hell of a body and once it's exposed, Tommy is eager to have his wicked way with it. In various positions of restraint, Sisi takes punishment and cock as her Master fucks her cunt and mouth until his obedient young slave drains his balls in her eager mouth.

29 Mar 2009 08:04 Studmuffin wrote: Surprisingly slutty and hot!

28 Feb 2009 03:56 Ogler wrote: I like the tall slender wench with the smile to die for - and I envy Tommy his job. I'm not all that keen on her lingerie but I love the way she keeps moving as Tommy explores her. Nice camel-toe! May I suggest a breast reduction? ... Tied feet apart with her pussy-meat dangling she looks very vulnerable. Tommy seems to like playing with the clit-bits. Can I do it? ..... Unfortunately He doesn't seem to be able to think of much to do except molest her with his riding crop. The whimpering isn't very convincing, she's neither stung nor frightened. The gag is a pain. Even if she wanted to show some feeling she can't. Using the belt as a collar is different but a bit pointless. .......That's better - he's spanking her with his cock and he's taken the gag out to fuck her face - at least this is something happening. It takes a while before he reaches for her throat but when he does she drools like a good-un. .... He turns her round to fuck her. It doesn't occur to him to demonstrate her cunt to the camera - he just gets on with dicking her with the relevant bits off camera. I like the way her hair dances but it's the only show in town. ..... More throating and oodles of drooling. She's munching his balls which is at least different. .... Now Tommy is wandering around importantly as Sisi kneels. I wonder why he's spanking his own dick? ....Clip 2 and she's hanging from the suspension-wheel face down, gag-in. Tommy prods the gag with his cock. Spinning her round he shoves his dick in, remembers that some of us might like to look and shows us a very ogle-able gape for a few seconds before filling it again. Camera catches some nice cunt-full-of-cock shots before wandering off to the head end. Now most of the movie is reminiscent of pics suspend 8 and suspend 19 - as are most of the pictures. Clip 3 ............Now she's on a bed - hands tied gag-in. Her feet are tied together which bodes ill for ogling her twat. Tommy goes for shagging her as she lies on her belly, takes her gag out and comes round to do her face. This is incredibly monotonous. Tommy gets videoed fucking her from various angles including a few with her pussymeat on show. I'm so bored can't be bothered to watch. She's still whimpering unconvincingly and adding the occasional "Yeah" as if she likes the fuck. Her face and chest are beginning to redden - perhaps she is feeling the fuck! I like the view of her long neck beginning to flush. (about 14:14) Tommy is keeping the view of the organs to himself. After some unremarkable pussy and face fucking he jizzes her face. The movie finishes with a view of Sisi licking his knob which would have added some variety if it had been earlier. The final interview isn't very inspiring - especially with the dungeon acoustics obscuring what's being said. The lovely lass could have been exploited better with some kind of plan for the action and camera.