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Taylor Russo
  12/03/2010 - Taylor Russo, Tati Russo 2 Scenes - 48 Photos - 22 Minutes Video  

In the conclusion of this shocking tale, we find the Russo twins bound together and squirming as Christian continues to show his muscle... Now, he takes it even further as he fucks the sisters holes while the other one must watch. Not to feel left out, each twin has a vibe bound to their pussies. Christian can be a merciless Master, but he is fair after all...The girls are used to the fullest extent and then left bound and alone...

29 Aug 2020 13:13 pruharrison wrote: Download of the Taylor Russo "Two Sisters..." videos doesn't work.

05 May 2018 18:38 reedle wrote: Update seems to be busted. Can't download anything

02 Apr 2011 18:08 Reecee_Moe wrote: Every mans fantasy!

03 Dec 2010 07:13 doublem427 wrote: AMAZING!! The only thing that could top this is a shoot with a set of triplets!!

  11/26/2010 - Taylor Russo, Tati Russo 2 Scenes - 111 Photos - 32 Minutes Video  

In Part One of this sordid tale, Christian is stuck in a Catch 22. He loves his girlfriend but, cannot stand her sister. Just when he thinks he has some time to himself... the sister shows up unannounced. The dirty, little tramp has some sneaky shit up her sleeve and begins to make a move on her sister's man. Despite the fact that she annoys the hell out of him, Christian decides that its time to put this chick in her place. Just as things are getting a little intense, his girlfriend surprisingly arrives. Her shock and dismay at seeing her man is just the tip of the iceburg as Christian decides it's time to show both of these bitches who the Boss really is...

13 Mar 2021 17:08 RJ00789 wrote: none of the Video links for Pt-1 or PT-2 work, only the pics...

14 Aug 2017 22:26 Saff911 wrote: Link does not work

29 Dec 2014 05:07 mike8919 wrote: fix down load

05 Sep 2013 05:16 rawboy4469 wrote: don't downloadable video!!!!!!!

29 Nov 2011 13:25 AlanB wrote: The storyline shoots are always better with the fucking scenerios. This was fantastic to watch.

01 Dec 2010 11:45 Martyn H wrote: Absolutely incredible. Tati and Taylor are perfect...AWESOME!!!!

28 Nov 2010 03:34 JimB wrote: What a pair!

26 Nov 2010 21:00 patrick wrote: They are FUCKING AWESOME! 2 little devils in disguise, i love the Russo twins

26 Nov 2010 00:30 Savage wrote: INCREDIBLE!