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Uma Stone
  11/26/2009 - Uma Stone 4 Scenes - 247 Photos - 52 Minutes Video  
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Free Video Clip. Uma is a bombshell, but she doesn't speak English. This made it easy to persuade her to follow us to the dungeon, because all she understood was 'Hollywood Director'. It seems that LA is filled with hot chicks looking for that big break into the Hollywood scene, and are willing to go out of their way to make sure that they get their chance. Once we have her naked for her 'audition', I decide to let Alex fuck her while I record it. We get a translator in to help us bridge the language gap along with instigating the torture. Uma isn't sure that this was the best decision and before the day is finished she will know that being a whore doesn't always get you the part you thought you were getting. ....The Pope

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29 Sep 2011 18:35 Frenchy wrote: how do you access the video??

25 May 2011 21:51 Gilberto Brasil wrote: Deejay ohh, where is she???? The best woman in Dungeon Corp is missing!!!!

02 Dec 2009 04:17 Chris wrote: excelent; a suspension is missing; and she is a real sexy woman.

28 Nov 2009 03:44 thickone wrote: HOLY shit! Uma is fucking hot!