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Val Malone
  07/02/2009 - Val Malone 4 Scenes - 136 Photos - 52 Minutes Video  
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Free Video Clip. Video clips are located on top of galleries 1,2,3 & 4... One of our slave peddlers brought a couple of new girls by the studio and we decided that Val was a good candidate for us, so we took her off his hands. Ogre and I carry her into the Dungeon and undress her to reveal her hot little body. We have a little fun with her before we tie her and get her ready for Derrick. I'm not sure if she completely understood what was going on, but she has one thing going for her, she learns fast. We put her in several different positions, always keeping this whore ready for the things she is good at...fucking, sucking, and having cum dumped on her body. Rest assured that you will see more of this one....The Pope

04 Jul 2009 17:15 fuefoan wrote: Several different positions?? I count a grand total of ONE position during the fucking. Never, ever neglect doggie which is still the most inherently dominant position.