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   03/30/2012 - Presley Hart - "What She Needs"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 139 Photos - 25 Minutes Video

Presley's got a hankering to be bound and fucked. It's something she's been interested in for awhile, and she's wondering if Bill's got what it takes. She doesn't have long to find out when they're grappling on the bed. She's spread wide and bound tight and Bill's gonna give her what she needs. He reddens her ass before he sinks it deep in her pussy. Then she's tied to the bars and it's a free for all on her cunt and face... Shoot ID: PRE_032112

31 Oct 2013 18:07 no dice wrote: why does this scene not work!!! I just get a blank screen. damn it

   03/23/2012 - Jessie Palmer - "Total Team Player Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 86 Photos - 24 Minutes Video

Team player eh? Do anything to get he job? Well, Lee's still hell bent on finding out. He's putting Jessie to the test even further as she's bound in the warehouse without a clue as to what to expect...She whimpers as she finally catches site of him enter. Her eyes grow wide at the sight of his massive member. And she tries to recoil when he reaches out to have a taste of her flesh. Undeterred, Lee's got one mission in mind. And that's finding out just how much this dame will take to become part of the "team"... Shoot ID: JES_030812

24 Jul 2012 19:46 steve2334 wrote: The best chair scene with sex i've ever seen thanks

11 May 2012 10:12 Hedge wrote: Photos are so hot - cant wait to see the movie

30 Mar 2012 02:26 Whitey wrote: Thanks for the heads up, we'll get that fixed and reuploaded ASAP. We appreciate your patience while we do that. Regards...

26 Mar 2012 16:13 intrguy wrote: The HD verson of Clip 2 is bad

23 Mar 2012 07:04 rc wrote: Clip 2-2 seems to break off at 5:10

   03/16/2012 - Jessie Palmer - "Total Team Player"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 101 Photos - 34 Minutes Video

Short on help, but high on hope, Lee welcomes Jessie into his office for her initial interview. She seems a bit overqualified, and in many ways, in today's world that's kind of refreshing. He needs the help and she needs the job...she needs the job BAD, and she's willing to pretty much do anything. Of course this perks up Lee's attention and he makes it abundantly clear that he specifically needs a total team player. Upon further investigation, it's time to see just how far Jessie will go to land this gig. Her resume' is nice enough, but it's going to take just a bit more convincing on her part to prove her merit... Shoot ID: JES_030812

16 Mar 2012 04:37 Wehomey wrote: Great!

   03/09/2012 - Rylie Richman - "Hot Iron and Hard Ties Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 69 Photos - 24 Minutes Video

The virtual world further encroaches upon reality as this one time cyber relationship morphs into warm, hard flesh. Rylie's belly down on the plank as she takes one hellacious, bound fucking from above. Her biker-dude suitor has another trick up his sleeve though as she soon finds when she's fully bound from the ceiling. Overwhelmed by the situation, Rylie busts out a spattering, squirting orgasm as she handles a rough bondage fuck before she's coated in cum... Shoot ID: RYL_022012

   03/02/2012 - Rylie Richman - "Hot Iron and Hard Ties"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 102 Photos - 27 Minutes Video

Rylie figures she's just hit the jackpot in the online dating sweepstakes. She's met a man, he's tall, muscular and rides a mean assed bike. He's got a little coin too, so that's always a bonus. Out on their first date, they're just cruising around, he's got big plans; maybe some dinner, a visit to the picture show and such. Or so he says...They make a pit stop by the office so he can grab some cash for their primetime evening. Rylie's been left outdoors and this hot date seems to be growing a bit cold as the dude is just seemingly taking forever. With her patience wearing thin, she decides she should go and investigate to see what could be taking the guy so damn long. Walking into the office, she's greeted by a long, dark hall. It's not the only thing dark though, as the musclebound madman springs from the shadows and unveils his true motives... Shoot ID: RYL_022012

24 Jan 2013 09:40 John wrote: Rylie is one hot slut! More girls like her please :)

   02/24/2012 - Bonnie Rotten - "Bound Bonnie Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 64 Photos - 23 Minutes Video

Lee Stone's been compared to a bull recently. Well, the bull is still running wild. Like a battering ram, he mounts Bonnie from behind. She's bound to to the bars and bent way over, and Lee charges full force. Next, a little grappling on the bed as Bonnie finds herself cuffed to a spreader bar. Lee may quite possibly be one of our favorite clients and he makes sure to squeeze every last drop out of his visits. This time is no exception... Shoot ID: BON_021712

26 Feb 2012 11:20 alex wrote: whith that handle it looks like he is having sex with his bicycle

25 Feb 2012 19:37 Tyler wrote: How come I can't get any videos to load? It just says loading on the screen.

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