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   03/16/2011 - Slave Rose - "A Rose by Any Other Name..."
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 253 Photos - 31 Minutes Video

The tension builds as we watch Rose struggle and you know something has to give...Her Master enters and begins to grope her vulnerbale body...Rose is immobile, and in this state she is at his mercy. He eats her pussy and Rose seems slightly comforted...Then, her nipples are clamped and her moans fill the Dungeon...A vibe is produced and she giggles nervously as it it smashed against her clit. Pleasure seems to override pain however for a brief moment in time. And now it is her time to please... Shoot ID: ROS_030311

05 Jan 2015 20:47 Mike wrote: This girl is hot!!

21 Sep 2011 17:00 alex wrote: Mostly great but PLEASE remove her necklace and give her a proper collar...

18 Mar 2011 09:32 develandb wrote: Hot, good idea to introduce new Masters, keeps it fresh, but I still want more Domenic Kane!

   03/11/2011 - Audrey Lords - "Into The Lion's Den Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 134 Photos - 24 Minutes Video

Sometimes, they say that you had better be careful about what you wish might come true...I wonder is this is the case for Audrey? Her fantasy evening plows on and these guys are definitely going all out to give her exactly what she wanted...Bent, pulled and manipulated into a variety of positions, Audrey takes these 3 cocks full force...Her fantasy has come to fruition as she finds herself soaked in cum... Shoot ID: AUD_021111

08 Jun 2011 23:46 Joe wrote: Wow! Please more.

18 Mar 2011 09:30 develandb wrote: Okay, this is what I'm talking about. I just renewed for 3 months to see Domenic Kane and all his masterdom, bring this hot stud back to show what he can do!

14 Mar 2011 19:02 R wrote: Oh yes, this is what I signed up for. Keep the gang bangs going, simply the best porn EVER. Only improvment you could make (in my opinion) would be to include some rough DP for total domination.

13 Mar 2011 21:35 Fish wrote: Signed up because of this shoot. Such a perfect submissive slut totally dominated. Love the fact that the guys got her in some really nice curvy angles for the camera. More of these gang bang style shoots please! Would have loved to see her hold all of the cum in her mouth until the last guy was done with her pussy, then swallow like a good sub.

13 Mar 2011 03:16 Tric wrote: Fucking Awesome! That's how to fuck a whore!

13 Mar 2011 00:07 Stormrider wrote: Outstanding! I loved the way Audrey was left breathless with cum all over her face and the way she was gagging on the cocks. The only thing that could have made it better was to fuck her in the ass too. GREAT SHOOT!

12 Mar 2011 08:41 Jpol wrote: Very rough scenes! The pre and post interviews are important, aren't they? lol

11 Mar 2011 16:12 David wrote: Just a perfect example of how 3 men should fuck a submissive woman who wants it! Audrey is fan fucking tastic!

   03/04/2011 - Audrey Lords - "Into The Lion's Den"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 219 Photos - 42 Minutes Video

Audrey's a bit nervous as she sits and speaks with Ogre. Her fantasy involves a couple guys and some consenstual rough sex and she's not exactly sure quite what to expect...She's played this fantasy over in her mind before, but now as she undresses, the butterflies are flapping around her belly at about 100 MPH...Ogre takes his time tying this customer and answering her questions as Audrey nervously giggles. His calming words of assurance turn to cold silence however as she is left tied and naked on the bed...The eager crowd that awaits her shall begin to take their turns at her vulnerable body...Audrey's fantasy begins and we shall soon see how she reacts in this predicament... Shoot ID: AUD_021111

08 Jun 2011 23:47 Joe wrote: Perfect!

08 Mar 2011 02:32 graygirl wrote: Loved it!!!!! Just on the edge 110% of the time!!! By far the last scene was my fav.

05 Mar 2011 19:13 DorianG wrote: This update shows a very good direction for this site! Bring in more guys to fuck the slave!

05 Mar 2011 18:15 xbeautifulxliex wrote: ACK!! Jordan!?! What a horrible question! know I loved it hahaha. By far, my favorite part about this scene is that you guys do a much better job of getting 'into her head'. I love the roughness (you know what a sucker I am for that), but I love the more subtle mind fucks included in this!!! WONDERFUL gentlemen!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

04 Mar 2011 22:40 develandb wrote: Why hasn't Domenic Kane been given a solo scene? He doesn't need a supporting cast, he's a smokin' total stud that can't be matched w/that brooklyn accent, mouth watering tool and beautiful body, give him a bitch of his own to tear up!

04 Mar 2011 21:34 Detroit wrote: She barely got a breath :)

   02/25/2011 - Mahina Zaltana - "No Ordinary Trick Part II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 198 Photos - 40 Minutes Video

In this finale' Mahina finds herself bound to the bed as her twisted customer continues to act out his dark desires... Mahina's body serves as perfect fodder for his twisted plans and he utilizes it to the fullest. Mahina is put through the paces and beyond as she turns a trick like never before... The positions become more demanding as the night wears on and Lee makes sure to wring every last drop of cum out of his cock on this girl... Shoot ID: MAH_020411

26 Feb 2011 23:48 Stormrider wrote: Outstanding! Loved the garter & stockings. REALLY loved the tears, gritted teeth, screaming, and grimacing - 'bout time the gal didn't look like she was enjoying it! Only thing that would have made it better was 2 or 3 on her using her til she passed out!

26 Feb 2011 08:22 xbeautifulxliex wrote: Wow...just.....damn. Aside from my complete shock and the new sets and the lighting in this was AMAZING. Yeah, like i said....WOW.

   02/18/2011 - Mahina Zaltana - "No Ordinary Trick"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 169 Photos - 27 Minutes Video

Lee searches the local ads and comes across a damsel that appeals to his tastes. He sets his sights and they meet and Lee seems a bit nervous as he explains his situation in regards to what his wife will no longer do and what he desperately wants and needs...His date probably views him as just another "John" as she listens to his desires. However, she receives the shock of her life when it dawns on her that this dude is no ordinary trick and he's got a little more on his mind besides straight sex... Shoot ID: MAH_020411

20 Feb 2011 16:20 develandb wrote: good to see you're switching up and using new masters, good move, and Lee Stone is a fucking powerhouse, it helped to relieve the disappointment of no Domenic Kane this week:(

18 Feb 2011 21:49 intrguy wrote: Where did you get those heels. I want some..

   02/11/2011 - Hollie Stevens - "The Unexpected Part II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 100 Photos - 27 Minutes Video

Looks like this rigorous adventure may not be exactly what Hollie signed up for in the first place...Or maybe it is exactly what she wanted? Only time can tell... Bound, inverted and stuffed with dicks, Hollie takes it as it is dished. Her payment is appreciated by all and her desires will be tended to. A whole new meaning of over the top customer service shall be defined... Shoot ID: HOL_012611

04 Mar 2020 16:31 Mike wrote: Holly is no longer with us, she passed away in July 2012 after a long battle with cancer.....gone but not forgotten.

24 Jul 2012 20:46 steve2334 wrote: is it true that holly past away if so god bless to the family

20 Feb 2011 16:16 develandb wrote: As long as you bring back Domenic Kane, I'll remain a member but you need to give him a scene of his own, he is totally smokin!

18 Feb 2011 03:12 xbeautifulxliex wrote: Uhh...have I mentioned that Jordan makes me happy? Cuz he does :) And so does Domenic for that matter. Once again, gorgeous, tattooed, dominant men make my submissive lil heart skip a beat! Thank you!

18 Feb 2011 01:03 LolZurdead wrote: Call the wambulance Ropegirl.

17 Feb 2011 17:03 Ropeboy2 wrote: It would be nice if the updates were posted on time.

13 Feb 2011 18:36 Ogre wrote: Since this is a shoot, I cant tell you about each one of these guys, but they are pretty dominant! So, are you asking about the roles they are playing for this site or the real roles they live by? Are you suggesting that male Dom talent on any other adult site can cum when they want to? That is ludocrous! Do you think male Dom talent on ANY site are in charge of anything? The Dom, my friend, is the director of the shoot. Good Doms can and will take direction very well or you probably won't see them domming seem confused, or maybe you believe the sites who claim to be real! There's a lot of that going around...I'll explain it all to you right now. There is no site where unpaid doms and unpaid subs come together to make free content for you and do whetever they like with each other...and when that day comes, those people will probably be so unattractive that no one will want to watch. Consider these things between hard-ons. AND...yes, the plots for this site's shoots reside in a fantasy where women come to FuckingDungeon to explore their submissive sex fantasies. I'm not sure what your point was, but I tried to clear it up. I know you cannot make another post on this update, but feel free to contact us or start a forum topic!

13 Feb 2011 11:10 Hello! wrote: Oh ok, I see. So these guys aren't really dominant; they're just sex toys for this girl, and are only allowed to cum every once in a while.

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[51 Total Pages]

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