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   02/17/2012 - Bonnie Rotten - "Bonnie Bound"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 111 Photos - 22 Minutes Video

Lee likes what he sees...Bonnie's bound and upright between the bars for easy and accurate access. The stage is set as he takes her roughly from behind, filling her to the brim with his hefty staff. Bonnie's a loud and feisty one, but her binds shall keep her tightly in place. She's next spread in the swing where a little foot play and tickling ensues. Lee steps between her legs to give her what she deserves, proceeding to give her a rough fuck as he hammers away at the bound beauty while her screams fill the air... Shoot ID: BON_021712

26 Feb 2012 11:08 Tyler wrote: None of the videos are working? Is anyone else having this problem ? Sucks, because this past week has had some really good updates and I can't see em >8^(

18 Feb 2012 17:17 Chk4U wrote: Holy shit! Lee Stone is a god damn bull! Bonnie proves her worth by absorbing that cock! Great update! Where's the rest?

   02/10/2012 - Cherry Torn - "Cherry On The Take Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 88 Photos - 28 Minutes Video

Cherry's learning her lesson and schools still in session...She's doing some hard time in the Dungeon now as Tommy has her tied and spread-eagle while he plunders away at that fine, pricey pussy. It's easy to see how Cherry could be dipping into the till, she knows how to fuck and she has plenty of customers. If it weren't for the word on the street, Tommy may never have been the wiser. But street justice is tough and Tommy bangs away, taking brief pause to show her error of her ways with the leather strap. Then he bends his bread winner over and works her ass with the whip. The plundering continues as Cherry promises she'll never take from him again. She's left bound and bent, her ass covered in cum to contemplate her mistake... Shoot ID: CHE_020112

   02/03/2012 - Cherry Torn - "Cherry On The Take"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 100 Photos - 32 Minutes Video

Word on the street has come down that Cherry's been holding out on Tommy…Now, Cherry's a fine bitch, all the dudes dig her and pay well. Tommy's bent though, he's helped her out. She's got all the fine clothes and a swanky pad because of him…Cherry denies it vehemently, but Tommy just can't take this dame at her word alone…The inquisition begins and he's hell bent on getting to the bottom of things... Shoot ID: CHE_020112

06 Mar 2012 15:45 johncamp wrote: Thanks for letting us see Cherry strip all the way, this time! (I had complained about the only partial stripping in "from bad to worse") I really appreciate that. And I like the fucking.

06 Feb 2012 16:49 Thanatos wrote: I thought this shoot was excellent. No idea where the problem is.

04 Feb 2012 11:52 Seppoes wrote: Why did you do this to us ? You have Wesley Pipes, you have Christian. Cherry certainly would have accepted both (even though together!!!) And you gave us this ! Fire the man in charge.

   01/26/2012 - Whitney Grace - "Supreme Pussy: Breaking Her In Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 111 Photos - 30 Minutes Video

Whitney's making the grade, and she's being put through the paces as she receives a massive bound fucking by her suitor and his gargantuan cock. With Whitney bent over the bed, this customer has only one thing on his mind still: fucking the daylights out of that supreme pussy...Then, Whitney is bound up in a full suspension, were she gets hammered right up until the splattering finale. Another satisfied customer has sampled from our fine bevy of slaves. And yet another bondage babe has been broken in... Shoot ID: WHI_011312

27 Jan 2012 21:02 develand wrote: dudes-you can bring wesley snips back, he is nas-tay!

   01/19/2012 - Whitney Grace - "Supreme Pussy: Breaking Her In"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 127 Photos - 34 Minutes Video

A new customer has a specific request and we're happy to oblige his fetish. He's got a few ideas in mind that just won't fly today though…this is a new slave and she needs time to learn the rough trade. He likes what he sees though, young tight and blonde…And he's already wanting to see more of this slave in the future. Supreme pussy…He whips out his massive cock and Whitney sets to the task that she is indeed worth the investment, and has what it takes to make the cut… Shoot ID: WHI_011312

22 Jan 2012 08:25 NXT wrote: Love this setup, cute chick too

   01/12/2012 - Morgan March - "Rough Justice Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 88 Photos - 21 Minutes Video

Payback for Morgan isn't going to get any easier now that Tommy knows exactly what's going on here. He's got her bound and spread and it's time to extract justice from this bitch. But will she actually like it? He bears down hard on her clit with a vibrator and Morgan shrieks as she is forced to orgasm and immediately begs him to subside. Tommy's got something else on his mind though as he stuffs her cunt with cock. This is a payback fuck and he's hell bent on making her pay in full...Defiantly Morgan takes what he gives her, but Tommy ain't letting up...When he gets her down on the bed, he continues the relentless fucking. Justice is served as he drops a load on her face which signals fair warning... Shoot ID: MOR_122011

13 Jan 2012 05:27 Seppoes wrote: I watched your past productions. Your cameraman is ok, your ladies are ok ( the less tatoos the better !) but your masters are failures. The wrong type. Paper, car mechanics. Lee Stone would be ok, but above all ... where is Christian ? No need for vibrators etc., just his presence with a woman creates the atmosfere. Why not Christian ?

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[51 Total Pages]

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