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   01/06/2012 - Morgan March - "Rough Justice"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 198 Photos - 34 Minutes Video

A typical day at the office...Business as usual, the daily grind...Tommy has a visitor, but Tommy's not there, and Jack is...The visitor makes it immediately clear that this isn't the standard "office call" and Jack seems more than willing to escort her somewhere a bit more "private" to discuss things. He then takes her to the back and gets the dame cuffed and compromised before he jams his dick down her eager throat...He restrains her to the cube and bends her over...This babe is loving what she's getting and she's begging for more. Jack's digging fucking her, but there's a code of conduct by which all men abide. After blindfolding Morgan, he places a phone call to Tommy to tell him he's got a little "something" in the back room...Tommy is displeased...To put it mildly... Shoot ID: MOR_122011

12 Jun 2012 23:35 klover1 wrote: Hot scene, but should of played up the blindfold bit more. March is super cute, some spanking wuold have been hot too.

14 Jan 2012 11:52 megaman67 wrote: Love the blindfold scene and Morgan March is always awesome! Why dont you do this scene with others?? Like Calico, or Melissa Jacobs?

   12/30/2011 - Tara Lynn Foxx - "In The Dark Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 104 Photos - 25 Minutes Video

It's time to pay the Piper and Tara is taken roughly from behind in cold silence. Her stoic master roughly fucks her before he pulls out a vibe and viciously brings her off to a mindbending orgasm. She trembles as she cums and still, she is pushed even further, the vibe remains pressed against her clit as her screams fill the room...Exhausted, her next adventure has her spread wide with her ankles tightly tied overhead. This time she is mounted from above, fucked deep and fed cock. Still unkown to Tara is exactly why she is here. She is however certain that she soon will be receiving her just desserts... Shoot ID: TAR_121411

01 Jan 2012 05:23 alex wrote: guys whith ther underpants around their knees look soooo stupid!!! More akrobatic fucking than erotic to look at - she is cute (even without a collar :-) )but all in all not a very memorable set

   12/23/2011 - Tara Lynn Foxx - "In The Dark"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 110 Photos - 26 Minutes Video

Tara claims to have no knowledge as to why she's found herself in this predicament. All she knows at this point, is that somebody is definitely holding a grudge...The man who has her in his grasp however, knows exactly how to extract justice and he's not shy in going about it...Tara, bound and blindfolded, is bent and given a severe fucking...Despite her pleas, it seems fairly evident that she's oddly enjoying what she's being given...Even if it is in spite of her instincts...When she's bound ass up on the horse, what may at first have seemed like a bad dream, abruptly becomes reality when her bare bottom is caned. And when she refuses to suck cock, her defiance serves as a reminder that it might be inevitable that she will comply... Shoot ID: TAR_121411

06 Mar 2012 12:00 johncamp wrote: The story is nice, Tara Lynn is gorgeous, I love this site - but it really pains me that so very often the girl undressing is only shown in the foto gallery and not on video. Seeing the girl taking off her clothes - against her will preferably - turns me on very much, and seeing her naked from the very beginning is taking away a lot of the whole scene. Which really need not be. Why not have it on video? It would make the shoot longer, and updating as often as you do (thanks a lot for that!) this would be usefull, too. Please think it over.

   12/16/2011 - Emma Ash - "Seeing Red Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 88 Photos - 32 Minutes Video

Emma's now cocked and bent not sure quite what to expect from Tommy anymore. She can be assured of one thing though...Tommy's going to get what he wants...The reddening continues as her ass is worked over with the strap. Then she's force fed some more dick in mouth and cunt. To up the ante, Tommy covers Emma's body in wax before he coats her pussy in cum... Shoot ID: EMA_120611

   12/09/2011 - Emma Ash - "Seeing Red"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 96 Photos - 26 Minutes Video

Tommy wanted a redhead and he knew where to turn. We located and prepared the prize… locked in stocks for his appraisal. We have one goal at DungeonCorp and that is to satisfy...Tommy definitely was satisfied and was more than eager to play…The first order of the day was the vibrator between Emma's legs, a quick flip of the switch and she was prepared to please…A vicious skull fucking ensues and Emma takes all she can, trying her best to not allow her natural reflexes to slow her down. Then, with Emma restrained to the cube, Tommy pays particular attention to his slave's pale flesh working it to a bright red with the whip and crop. He then enters her pussy and fucks the daylights out of her… Shoot ID: EMA_120611

14 Dec 2011 13:24 DarlingSir wrote: Emma looks like she wants to be a painslut? hmm nice body and enchanting eyes.

   11/30/2011 - Bailey Blue, Nikki Daniels - "Time for Fun Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 150 Photos - 26 Minutes Video

Fun time resumes with Bailey spread open and bound to the chair. Nikki and Jack take their turns groping and pawing. They pay particular attention to her exposed pussy while Nikki is bent over to receive some stiff cock. Bailey is now resigned to voyeur as this twisted couple bang away in front of her face. Not to leave her out of the loop however, Nikki grabs a wand and teases Bailey's clit until she's begging to cum…Next, Bailey is tied legs up so the pair can take her deep from both ends. A savage fuck session ensues culminating with a massive load on Bailey's belly that Nikki greedily helps herself to... Shoot ID: BAI_111711

01 Dec 2011 17:47 alex wrote: love the interaction and gag kissing. But the gag is way too loose. Whould have looked better if the tied girls hands has been in the small wood handholes instead of being tied to ½ of them. And i would sooo much have put a nice wide collar on the dominating girl

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[51 Total Pages]

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