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   11/25/2011 - Bailey Blue, Nikki Daniels - "Time for Fun"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 179 Photos - 25 Minutes Video

Nikki digs showing off the place and givng tours, and Bailey sure seems curious about what she sees. She particularly takes a special interest in the stocks and Nikki's more than eager to show her how they work. Once Bailey's in place, Nikki's friendly demeanor takes a turn...Before Bailey knows it, she's got a dick in her face. To up the ante, Nikki straps on a massive dildo and Bailey's about to have her holes filled...Tied tightly, this curious damsel's involved in the three way of a lifetime as her two new friends take turns banging this bound babe into oblivion... Shoot ID: BAI_111711

01 Dec 2011 17:49 alex wrote: i do have a weakness for girl going into the pillory/stocks - love it More like that - much better than when they just are in from the start.

26 Nov 2011 12:51 rifle wrote: I love Bailey Blue! Incredible

25 Nov 2011 11:07 Sully wrote: Clip 1 sure does look like clip 2...I think the hyperlinks for downloading the HD videos are to the same file!

   11/18/2011 - Reena Sky - "Silver Tongue II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 179 Photos - 28 Minutes Video

Silver Tongue's ploy appears to be a worthy one as Reena falls deeper and deeper into his web of darkness. Now she finds herself with hands bound overhead while her new friend paws and fingers her. She gets fucked soundly as she rides his cock hard from above. Then the wand is brandished and Reena begs to cum as it is buried in her cunt. She screams to the high heavens as she lets go and then she's spread wide on the bed...With even easier access to her pussy, the wand is once again used to push her even further over the edge... Shoot ID: REE_110311

02 Jan 2012 19:05 develand wrote: Bring Carlos back he is a sex god and Reena is one lucky lady!

19 Nov 2011 13:59 Tyler wrote: Rodger is 100% on the Money.

18 Nov 2011 21:58 Rodger wrote: Reena has really become one of my favorite models in adult. I look for her everywhere, but her best content is here. :)

   11/11/2011 - Reena Sky - "Silver Tongue"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 127 Photos - 31 Minutes Video

Reena seems a bit apprehensive when she's shown her man's living arrangements. He assures her that it's all on the up and up and she reluctantly agrees to enter. Once inside things seem a bit weirder, but her silver tongued suitor quickly talks his way around her concerns…When things get hot and heavy, she immediately relinquishes control and before she knows it, things start to get a little rough…When he whips out a gag, Reena doesn't know quite what to think. But it doesn't take long for her to realize that she's "bound" for the experience of a lifetime... Shoot ID: REE_110311

02 Jan 2012 19:06 develand wrote: Carlos is one wet dream!!!!!

12 Nov 2011 00:03 Thunderkiss wrote: Jesus, can't you find a nice gay site to subscribe to?

11 Nov 2011 17:12 tom wrote: Wow, Carlo is so a great master, hot hot hot, bring him back.......

11 Nov 2011 09:01 johncamp wrote: Same here! Thanks a lot, Reena and everybody!

11 Nov 2011 03:05 Rodger wrote: Yes! Reena bound and fucked. This is one I've been requesting so it's great to see it happen! Reena is the sexiest.

   11/04/2011 - Tia Ling - "The Girlfriend Trick Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 157 Photos - 23 Minutes Video

The Girlfriend Trick still proves to be bountiful as the two scammers take their turns on this dame. She dangles from the ceiling as she takes one in the pussy and one in the mouth. The difference now though is that this cock hustler seems to be really enjoying everything she's being given. The harder they pound, the more she asks for and these two heathens have plenty to dish out...They take her from some impossible angles and brutally so. Finally, down on her knees, she deftly handles two poles at once. She begs for the payload and her wishes are granted when she is covered in copious amounts of cum... Shoot ID: TIA_101611

01 Jan 2012 17:31 rjman wrote: she's so hot, thanks for putting cock in here mouth, and not a ball gag. two on one is much better then three on one. i'm so turned on. grate job on this one, is so much better seeing the slave engoying her self and not in payen.

16 Dec 2011 04:55 da boss wrote: Tia getting ass fucked by Isis is way better than these two pencil dicks.....Although gotta give her props as it is impossible to gag this chick!

28 Nov 2011 11:15 Simon Blaise wrote: This shoot and part I are a couple of my all time favorites now. Great job!

   10/27/2011 - Tia Ling - "The Girlfriend Trick"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 261 Photos - 28 Minutes Video

Apparent relationship issues make for a prime target when a home wrecker overhears a distraught man's heated telephone conversation. The hustler uses her body to lure her prey, and she's got one fine body at that...Little does she know that she's just fallen for the oldest trick in the book..."The Girlfriend Trick"...This strumpet thinks she's found her latest victim and in reality, she's just been conned. Out of the shadows springs her new friend's cohort. She's bound, she's tied and she's put through her paces with a double helping of cock... Shoot ID: TIA_101611

05 Apr 2012 00:56 parttim wrote: This is fucking awesome

05 Jan 2012 12:34 rjman wrote: I wish you would stop buising the girls, don't look good.

   10/19/2011 - Jackie Avalon - "The Gift Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 128 Photos - 23 Minutes Video

Now flat on her back, Jackie has slowly begins to learn what she shall receive from this brute...He fucks her hard...and she's bound tightly, she can do nothing more than comply and receive...She's slightly conflicted as she begs to cum and is denied...For her greed, she shall now do some work as she is whipped around to ride her Master's cock...Jackie thanks her Master for the pleasure she is receiving, yet at the same time she is apprehensive of his plans. She gets a little mouthy and this adds fuel to the fire. She's then gagged and spread, her wrists stocked...wide open to receive exactly what she deserves... Shoot ID: JAC_100411

27 Oct 2011 23:13 Whitey wrote: Everything appears to be fine. Try refreshing your browser. Thanks.

20 Oct 2011 13:50 macbuDDah wrote: this looks like it should be a good conclusion, but the links go to last week's videos. Even the thumbs for the vids are the same.

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