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06/07/2007 - Shyla Stylez
3 Scenes - 570 Photos - 49 Minutes Video
Gallery1 Gallery2 Gallery3 Gallery4 Gallery5 Gallery6 Gallery7 Gallery8

Free Video Clip. Here's a situation where the submissive requests a certain Dom to fuck her at the dungeon. We recruit Shyla to be bound and fucked, and she begs us to book her with Erik Everhard. Apparently Shyla loves his rough and demanding style, and as we find out, when you get fucked by Erik, you really are fucked. We strip Shyla down and spread her out. Erik enters the scene and begins to eat her pussy with vigor. Shyla is helpless as he munches and sucks on her clit. Then the magic wand is used to make her cum. Then Erik breaks out his cock. He fucks Shyla very hard. Erik is a guy with a big dick and lots of energy and he pounds Shyla until she whines and moans. He lays her head back and throat-fucks her. Then we suspend Shyla by all fours. She hangs in the air and Erik continues to pound her pussy and her mouth. Shyla is then tied on the bed with her hands behind her back and her feet together. Erik fucks her in every feasible position. Shyla's whole body rocks and her huge tits bounce violently as Erik finishes off and fucks her face. Then, like a good girl, Shyla opens her mouth and Erik drops his load where it belongs.

03 Sep 2011 23:05 develand wrote: Damn, Master Erik is a wet dream, this is what this site should be about!!!

17 Jan 2011 23:01 ajb521 wrote: I have to say I found scenes 2 and 3 rather boring considering some of the other scenes and scenarios I have seen on this site. I mean I left scene 3 to write this comment. I have been a member for about a month now and checking out the archives and this has to be the most boring of the clips I have seen. I am glad not all of the clips are like this I would never have become a member.

10 Oct 2009 04:07 Chris wrote: Shyla needs a suspended BJ with arms on back. She is wonderful.

08 Jun 2009 14:52 stebofah wrote: love everything... plain and simple

19 Mar 2009 16:35 Studmuffin wrote: She is a Goddess!!!! Use her every chance you get!!! She is the Best!!! Damn she makes me cum!!!!!

21 Jan 2008 05:13 dmdoberman wrote: Excellent. More of Shyla please. She also loves anal so another session that combines this terrific big tit bondage/suspension action with some anal fucking (maybe DP with two masters, why not?) would seem to be the logical next step.

18 Jan 2008 11:39 Stefkers wrote: Ich würde ihre Titten piercen und Glöckchen anhängen. Als Ponygirl zieht sie dann mein Sulky. Ich beobachte wie sich ihre Arschbacken dabei bewegen und peitsche sie damit sie schneller rennt. Nach der Fahrt werde ich sie mit den Füßen nach oben aufhängen und mir meinen Schwanz ordentlich saugen lassen. Ich drücke sie ganz fest an meinen Bauch und lecke ihre Fotze. Währent ich dann ihren Arsch klatsche werde ich mein Sperma tief in ihr Fickmaul spritzen.

17 Jan 2008 09:33 rjm wrote: Grate seen, the only thing that could have made it better would have been if there could have been two studs working her from both ends, and she would have been even more vonerable if you would have had her hands tied together and behind her back tied to the post holding her up.

29 Oct 2007 09:43 dave wrote: Gross boob job. Get a reduction.

25 Oct 2007 23:16 RL wrote: the bed scene is great

19 Oct 2007 09:15 Raot wrote: Bombasic, but why are you doing this bed scenes in the end which have nothing to do with a dungeon? End the film with a direct cumshot after puling out at the end of scene two! Stop these normal porn movie endings please!

02 Jul 2007 20:12 Bill wrote: Best scene ever for her. This girl is sexy as hell. But ususally she "tries to hard" Like: "I'm a wild and crazy wolverine, fuck me." Nice to see her submissive compliant and on the edge. Baby for every time you go Yeah yeah if you went no no your fan club wud increase 10-fold. Too many girls going yeah yeah these days went it is a way bigger turn on to see them moan, whimper and go no no.

26 Jun 2007 08:31 Jeff wrote: Love the suspended bondage but why do you have to cover the feet???

25 Jun 2007 08:39 king wrote: One of the reasons I joined is because of shyla! Super cool girl, great performer. I lover the site, how about some shakles or any tipe of metal bondage?

23 Jun 2007 10:09 Ogre wrote: Piss drinking and piss in any form is highly frowned upon by the billing establishment as well as the government.

19 Jun 2007 13:01 ThirstyDude wrote: Can you do any PISS drinking in your scenes?

17 Jun 2007 11:34 Ogre wrote: OK gentlemen, I do hear you about Shyla's breasts, but we will never determine to shoot a model or not, based on her breasts. Shyla is a top notch performer and a very very cool and beautiful woman. And personally, I love her tits! She is not the first model we have shot with implants and she will not be the last. And it would be great if you all could keep your comments about breasts to a minimum because it is not something we will considee changing. Thanks much and enjoy!

17 Jun 2007 08:54 master Roberts wrote: Hmmmm...This could have been great fun had those huge rubber tits not gotten in the way...I have no slavegirls with fake boobs. Instant limp.

17 Jun 2007 03:39 Reggie wrote: Less silicon more ass fucking please!

14 Jun 2007 00:18 Philip38 wrote: I think the videos needs fucking ass, face sitting the ass of master on a slave face to lincking and eating, and mummification !!! the best of bondage for me

13 Jun 2007 06:25 Dunno wrote: This site needs more anal. This bitch would look quite hot sucking the cum out of another slaves ass

12 Jun 2007 12:33 regis75017 wrote: I don't like silicon

09 Jun 2007 01:28 SlimYi wrote: This one is beyond belief!!! Shyla is a dream and Erhard is a nightmare

08 Jun 2007 22:20 no 78 wrote: great

08 Jun 2007 17:18 Ice wrote: Very nice!!!!!!A great Model and hot action!

08 Jun 2007 07:49 B'berry wrote: Excellet update!

07 Jun 2007 10:28 TnK wrote: Very nice!!... and just in time!

05/31/2007 - Sabrina Sparx
3 Scenes - 328 Photos - 47 Minutes Video
Gallery1 Gallery2 Gallery3 Gallery4 Gallery5 Gallery6 Gallery7

Free Video Clip. James Deen has been wanting to fuck Sabrina Sparx for some time. James has a very beautiful girlfriend and Sabrina has been her friend for years. You know how it is when you have a relationship with a woman and she has a cute little girlfriend. It's practically impossible not to wonder what it may be like to fuck her, and that has been James's situation for quite some time with Sabrina. So, when we book Sabrina at the Dungeon for some bound sex, we book James to be her Dom. To say the least, they are both pleasantly pleased to be fucking each other, all with the permission and in the know of James's woman. And Sabrina knows James. She has heard the stories of his sexual tendencies for a long time. So we hang her upside down by her ankles and can only wonder what she may be thinking as James enters the scene to have his way with her. He begins with a crop, slapping and taunting her with it. Then he pulls out his cock and dickwhips her face. He reddens her ass before removing her gag to fuck her mouth as her holds a magic wand on her pussy. Sabrina makes the mistake of pulling her head away. James is a serious dom and she learns through spit and slapping that she should de whatever James says, and only what he says. And pulling his cock out of her mouth is not acceptable. To say the least, James is a natural born dom. In the next scene, Sabrina is tied on a sofa. James fucks her from behind, then pulls her on top of him, then bends her over for more pounding. He rests her head on the armrest of the sofa as he fucks her face. Then he leaves her there gagged, bound and spent. We lay Sabrina on her back and pull her feet into the air. James goes back and forth between fucking her hard, and ramming his cock in her mouth. He makes her lick his balls as he jams fingers into her cunt. In the end, James cums on her face, then removes her gag, and smears the cum all over and into her mouth where she licks it from his hand.

09 Feb 2011 07:19 globet wrote: where is the link to the full video?

27 Sep 2010 17:22 Jade wrote: Where is the link to the full video??? grrrrrrrrrrrrr

20 Oct 2007 18:36 SadoMaso wrote: Great scene. James Deen really does a number on this lucky submissive.

19 Oct 2007 09:12 Raot wrote: Variations is the word! Why do all scenes end with running and shooting on the face! In a position like this a cumshot directly after fucking her would be the users choice! VARIATIONS!!!

20 Aug 2007 14:25 5F237c wrote:

18 Jul 2007 11:56 Nort wrote: I have just joined and am surprised at how many of the shoots have that ball cag in the woman's mouth. How about some variety for those of us who like to see the woman's reactions on her face?

14 Jun 2007 00:21 Philip38 wrote: hummm i like when james slap the face your slave , good good !!

03 Jun 2007 23:39 Ogre wrote: Videos in Gallery 3, Gallery 5 and Gallery 7...Top of page

03 Jun 2007 19:03 steve wrote: after I log in I cant find the videos

02 Jun 2007 09:38 satosan wrote: Almost like getting 3 cumshotz in one update! Each of the three scenes has gagging, drooling, and/or oral & facial $$ shots. I really like the inverted hang/cock sucking/forced orgasm/slapping her face in scene one. You guys really rocked in this update. This is why I joined up (now just get Layla over here from SocietySM with a massive load on her pretty face too).

05/24/2007 - Austin Reines
3 Scenes - 345 Photos - 35 Minutes Video
Gallery1 Gallery2 Gallery3 Gallery4 Gallery5 Gallery6 Gallery7

Free Video Clip. Adam Delong visits the Dungeon and requests and good girl. Not some big-city, trashy-whore, but the type of girl that you might meet at a church sponsored, ice cream social. So we recruit Austin Reines. Austin is a decent and wholesome hottie from the rural northeast. We tell her she can make good money as a slave at our dungeon, and we charm her into the role. So we dress her up like a cowgirl and tie her up. Adam likes what he sees and he goes to work on Austin with a vibrator. She cums in that first scene, but the day has just started for our good girl. We strap her down to a spreader bench. Adam tastes her pussy, then sticks his cock in her mouth before fucking her tight little pussy with his large penis. In the last scene, Austin is tied on a table. Adam fucks her in various positions and Austin cums from the force of the fucking. Then Adam takes his time, walks around beside her and jacks off onto her pretty face.

10 Mar 2009 12:23 Woodpecker wrote: Austin is the prettiest girl I have seen on this site so far and watching her toned body tied up helplessly for fucking is a real treat. The last scene though was too harmless. You should at least have tied her elbows together.

21 Feb 2009 20:10 patpowers wrote: I just wanted to say I admire the taste and restraint Austin has shown with her tats. Bigger isn't always better when it comes to tats. Also, I was looking for shots of her back so I could see if she had any tats there and I there wasn't a single shot of her back in the first six galleries. By the time I got to gallery seven, I was expecting to see a dorsal fin back there.

10 Nov 2007 06:59 Prof wrote: Please !!! Lose the gag obsession !!!!

28 Oct 2007 21:18 JJ wrote: Great girl...last scene is good but could be a little rougher

19 Oct 2007 09:10 Raot wrote: STOP doing this!The third scene is absolutly needless! Only her hands are bound! Its a normal fuck scene! Nothing to do with a dungeon!!! Ending the film with a stomach cumshot at the end of the second scene would be a much better end!

17 Jun 2007 09:00 master Roberts wrote: Oh my the junkies crave their favorite dope! Don't feel bad Ogre, I can't draw my comics fast enough for 'em either! Now to THIS girl...One of the best bound fucks on the site IMHO..this girl plays her role. How much per hour?

01 Jun 2007 21:09 Ogre wrote: I'm sincerely sorry folks! Been shooting the last two days and couldn't find the time to get to updating. It's a shitty excuse and we will do everything we can to get these updates up on Thursdays as promised. And with that, I give you Sabrina fucking Sparx. ENJOY!

01 Jun 2007 15:41 another member waiting wrote: too!

01 Jun 2007 14:40 also waiting wrote: almost every week the update is late - it is very late this week. other sites S&S and F&B update when they say they will - whats up?

01 Jun 2007 13:56 waiting wrote: this site is supposed to update on thursdays, well, it's friday 5PM EST and still no update?

01 Jun 2007 12:37 Ogre wrote: Videos other than clips? Clips are videos...No, this is not just a pic site...There are videos for each scene in the galleries...There are 640x480wmv files and 320x240rm video files for each scene...

01 Jun 2007 11:26 Videoless wrote: Just joined and do not see where there are videos other than the clips. Is this just a pic site? That stinks.

31 May 2007 13:01 jrm wrote: She's hot. More of her.

30 May 2007 00:13 GamLok wrote: I love her hot little body. You need more close-ups of pussies getting fucked, especially hers!

29 May 2007 06:20 16aika wrote: very nice

25 May 2007 16:03 satosan wrote: Hot chick and finally a guy with a load to do some serious coverage. Her whimpering was a bit amateur though. More grunting and heartfelt screaming instead of the constant whimpers would cum off a little more authentic. Overall I give it a 6.5 out of 10... (p.s. - still waiting for Layla...)

05/17/2007 - Daisy Marie
3 Scenes - 371 Photos - 58 Minutes Video
Gallery1 Gallery2 Gallery3 Gallery4 Gallery5 Gallery6 Gallery7 Gallery8

Free Video Clip. Reno is back, and can you blame him? Anyone who vists the Dungeon comes back as soon as they can. Reno requests a beautiful Latina slave and we get him Daisy Marie. Daisy is about as hot as they come. She is young, she is playboy beautiful, she is sexually deviant and her pussy is like velvet. We tie her up and leave her gagged on the sofa for him. In the first scene alone, he induldges in Daisy's helplessness for almost a half hour. She sucks, he fucks. And when Reno fucks, he pounds through his partners hips. He fucks her in every possible position, then he unties her legs and she rides his cock, then he ties her up again and leaves her bound and broken on the floor. In the next scene, Daisy is spread eagle on a bed. Reno uses a vibrator to get her off, then he jumps on top and fucks her from a squatting position as he holds the vibrator on her clit at the same time. A very impressive feat which sends Daisy through screams and orgasms. Then he unties one foot and fucks her some more. In the last scene, Daisy is tied and bent over. Reno pounds Daisy from behind. He un-gags her and fish-hooks her mouth as he continues to slam her. Then he moves around front and jacks his cock faster than any mortal man is capable. He drops a thick and gooey load on Daisy's face and crams the rest in her mouth. He leaves her cum-covered, pleasure-crazed and wilted. This one is HOT!

18 Sep 2011 21:31 daboss wrote: Daisy is such a whore that it actually works....nasty bitch, but he should have choked her and make her swallow.....he actually let her spit his own cum at him after he turned and walked kind of whore....his load was huge and I would love to have swallowed every drop....nice cock

09 Feb 2011 07:19 globet wrote: where is the link to the full video?

28 Mar 2010 06:33 that guy. wrote: Studmuffin your a little lae...this shoot is old and shes Gotten a boob-job since, altough i don't really think she needed it, looked good then, looks good now.

19 Mar 2009 16:26 Studmuffin wrote: She should spend the money from this shoot on a boob-job

26 Oct 2007 18:21 Bo wrote: This is really good. Couch scene is hot. Would like more hair pulling from behind. Bring her back

19 Oct 2007 09:07 Raot wrote: Nice hot girl? but the fucking positions are nearly as in a normal porn movie! Take off the ropes and you would see no difference! More of this girl please, but not in this way!

23 Sep 2007 14:41 Jerold wrote: where can i d/l the video?

20 Aug 2007 07:10 Angelo wrote: yea real sexy

30 May 2007 00:13 GamLok wrote: This is the Hottest set on the site! Daisy Daisy Daisy

21 May 2007 02:30 16aika wrote: very nice

20 May 2007 10:53 GamLok wrote: God damn, I said GOD DAMN Daisy is sexy. Every scene was perfect!

05/10/2007 - Amber Rayne
3 Scenes - 210 Photos - 36 Minutes Video
Gallery1 Gallery2 Gallery3 Gallery4 Gallery5

Free Video Clip. Vin Deacon and his girlfriend had such a good time on thier last trip to the Dungeon, they decide to rent a slave for the afternoon and fuck her together. The slave is the sexy and slutty Amber Rayne. They requested a little bitch who could take everything they had to dish out and we thought Amber was the perfect choice. We tie her up and leave her hogtied and hanging in the dungeon. Vin and Joselyn arrive and they get right to work on Amber after sizing her up. Joselyn is fitted with a strap-on and they take turns fucking her face and pussy. The couple get off on verbally demeaning poor Amber as they use her little body for thier perverted pleasures. And it gets worse. In the next scene, Amber is tied on a bed. Vin fucks her ass as Joselyn taunts her, spits in her mouth and makes her suck a dildo. Then she gets a real cock in her mouth as Joselyn moves to her ass and strecthes it out even further with a large dildo. Vin and Joselyn are hard to please. They leave the dungeon after becoming disgusted with thier used and spent little slave. Amber lays on the bed as she gets punished for her non-pleasing behavior. First she is whipped and made to cum, then retied with a heavy steel helmet on her head. Amber will have to spend the night in the dark dungeon and face more re-training in the morning.

02 Oct 2017 11:44 Atracurium wrote: Links broken.

10 Mar 2009 12:47 Woodpecker wrote: I like Amber and the dom/dominatrix idea is good, but the bondage after the first scene was weak and unimaginative. If you want her rear accessible, tie her legs spread and back behind her head - and save the gymnastics with her legs. That metal ball in the last scene was downright stupid.

19 Oct 2007 09:05 Raot wrote: That what I mean! variations in ending the scenes!

14 May 2007 10:48 Satosan wrote: Amber Rayne and an assistant Dominatrix. VERRRY NICE. More like this please. Amber is one of my all time FAVES and I REALLY love the Guy/Gal domination. Please do this when you (finally) bring Layla on this site as well.

13 May 2007 15:18 Dunno wrote: Yes More of this. You have made me re-subscribe Vin needed to Blow his load on Jos' asshole and have Amber lick it clean

11 May 2007 14:15 BlkTie wrote: Amber's punishment for letting down Vin and Joselyn should be for Amber (while bound with her hands behind her back and gagged with a dildo gag)to fuck Joselyn while gagged. After Joselyn is satisfied, Amber should watch as Joeslyn gets her face fucked by Vin and Vin shoots a load of sperm into Joeslyn's mouth. Then Joeslyn should force open Ambers mouth and drool her mouth full of sperm into Ambers for her to show off and then swallow. Sorry Amber, but rules are rules.

11 May 2007 04:19 16aika wrote: i dislike an anus

05/03/2007 - Joelean Slave
3 Scenes - 282 Photos - 51 Minutes Video
Gallery1 Gallery2 Gallery3 Gallery4 Gallery5 Gallery6 Gallery7

Free Video Clip. Reno is a quiet but stern Master who likes to fully control his slaves. With Joelean, he keeps her tied standing as he strips and fondles her. He puts his cock in her for a warm up before using a vibrator to make her cum. Joelean's athletic body tenses up as she cums hard for her Master. Reno decides to hang her in a hogtie, he whips her tits and fucks her face. Then he gags her and pounds her from behind as she grunts and moans. Then we tie Joelean down with her legs spread wide open. Reno flogs her cunt and tits, then he fucks her hard and long. Her body bounces with the thrusts and Reno calmly walks to her face and drops his load on her gagged mouth.

05 Oct 2010 13:18 handles wrote: Wonderful shoot. Beautiful model. Reno was good too. Excellent photos. Top notch.

21 Mar 2009 15:52 StudMuffin wrote: Fantastic!1 Use her again!

17 Nov 2008 22:38 KatMan wrote: Perfect body! Sweet little mouth. Great slave. Please get Miss Joelean back again!!

19 Oct 2007 09:04 Raot wrote: Absolutly great! Very good ending position, but why is it the standard, that the guys run around to shoot? Would you end a fuck this way, if you have a girl in this position? Once in a while this end is ok, but not as a standard to end a scene!

18 Jul 2007 12:24 Nort wrote: Love her muscular body. I hope you get more hard bodied women.

14 May 2007 11:22 Satosan wrote: Oral Cumshot here (YAY) The next set though with Amber did NOT see an Oral/facial shot WHY NOT?? While Reno and the other ladies here are Very Hot (!!), Amber is still my favorite. Please, in future, Never waste a chance to hive her an Oral Cum Shot...Also, In addition to the Lez Dom thing with Amber (thank you!!), How 'bout Reno or another of your models (Amber or Layla) getting a bound, gang-bang BUKKAKKE? (also with Lez/Dom assistance)

10 May 2007 18:09 Ogre wrote: The video clips for each scene are located in the Galleries at the top of the page. This shoot has Three clips in Gallery 4, 5 and 7. Thanks

10 May 2007 00:44 d fan wrote: ahhh, how and where do you down load the movies at?

04 May 2007 09:37 FD Fan wrote: Your description above is incorrect at the end. Reno ungags Joelean before he cums in her open mouth. He does not "drop his load on her gagged mouth." And a good thing, too: it is much, much sexier for the slave's mouth to be ungagged (though she otherwise remains tightly bound) so she may receive all of her master's cum into her mouth, savor the taste, and swallow down every drop. A wonderful and classic sign of sexual submission to her master.

03 May 2007 16:47 boots wrote: I would love to see her boots left in the shots, maybe tied to her even... shots of her boots being unzipped and removed would be horny too. Bootguy

03 May 2007 14:10 rev wrote: Excellent shoot. Would have liked to see more stills from his perspective in the final scene, looking down on her with her legs spread. Thanks

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[51 Total Pages]

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