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   10/14/2011 - Jackie Avalon - "The Gift"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 117 Photos - 22 Minutes Video

Stocked, bound and bent, Jackie's not going anywhere…She's the subject of a certain mystery man's desires…He kindly removes her gag, but denies her request to reveal his true identity…She seems to have the annoying habit of talking when she's not asked though, so she promptly gets a mouthful of dick. Her dress is lifted from behind and her smooth pussy is stuffed to the hilt…She takes her furious fucking well. It is revealed that she is a gift and she will be enjoyed to the fullest… Next, with hands roped overhead, the fucking once again ensues. Any enjoyment she may be having is quickly put to rest, as it is made clear that she is there strictly for this man's pleasure… Shoot ID: JAC_100411

17 Oct 2011 17:14 checkup wrote: The SD WMV files are MP4 format as well!

   10/06/2011 - Cherry Torn - "From Bad to Worse Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 80 Photos - 21 Minutes Video

Cherry tensely braces for what may come next...She is bound tightly to the bench...her tits reddened and tightly wound in rope. Her wait isn't long as her new Owner enters her abruptly and begins to give her a good, hard fucking...He samples her pussy, burying his face in her cunt as Cherry whimpers...He seems impressed with this purchase...For the final test, Cherry is in full suspension as she wraps her mouth around his cock while she hangs on for dear mercy...Another good, hard pounding ensues and Cherry has been used to the fullest. A hot load is dropped on her ass and Cherry is left dangling to await her next adventure... Shoot ID: CHE_091611

18 Nov 2011 13:26 zalph wrote: If I were going to face-fuck an unwilling victim for the first time, I think I would use an open-mouth gag for my protection. I understand that in a fantasy porn some suspension of disbelief (no pun intended) is in order -- but I'm plugging for more use of whitehead or jennings type gags in these scenes. One other opinion: if you are on you knees giving someone oral service, you are not the dom.

   09/30/2011 - Cherry Torn - "From Bad to Worse"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 126 Photos - 20 Minutes Video

If you've been following Cherry's ordeal over at, you're probably asking yourself just how much worse can it possibly get for poor little Cherry?...She's surely pondering that question herself...After she'd been pumped for information, the motley crew didn't have much use for her, a fine, blonde whore such as this must certainly be worth a small fortune though shouldn't she? And the crew could definitely use a little pocket change...Cherry finds herself crudely detained before she is placed on the underground auction block. The posh, Brit seedy-socialite that has his keen eye on Cherry, surely will not be denied on this night. And he bids to win...Cherry stands nervously at attention as her new Master inspects his prize. He is satisfied and issues the command...He wants his new toy prepared for a tryout. He is ready to have is way, money seems to be no object to this man, but alas poor Cherry, he does want to sample the wares...Cherry is stripped, bent and bound over the wooden horse for further appraisel and is viciously put through her paces...She handles her Owner's cock deftly in her mouth and pussy. Nervously aware that she must please this man in hopes of any remote possibility of release... Shoot ID: CHE_091611

22 Oct 2011 09:29 Ogre wrote: Yes, we havent done a Gang bang scene for awhile now which isnt to say we won't be shooting more in the future, but the comment about gangbang updates seems badly timed...but a new opinion is always appreciated... I was blown away that they would name their site so closely to our newly advertised GangBangBound series...At least Ralphie remembers the timeline :)

13 Oct 2011 15:30 Ralphie wrote: Nova, there hasn't been a GB shoot on here in like 2 months has there? Not sure what you're going on about when you use the term "majority". As for piercings and tattoos, wake up to the fact that this is the reality. Most models are pierced and/or tattooed now. It's the 21st century. I'm personally happy with the mix of solo vs GB shoots. Just don't want to see too much of one and not enough of the other. Making everyone happy is an impossible task. As far as following, I believe it was the "competitor" that followed Fucking Dungeon, not the other way around.

06 Oct 2011 11:12 NovaVita wrote: Dear Ogre, I read the discussions concerning gangbang scenes. I must say it's a big dissappointment for me that they are the majority on this website now. Especially because is doing the same and there are no good wesites anymore that do a good one on one forced fucking with a beautifull lady. Have you considered that an important piece of the market is abandoned now and that you have the opportunity to fill that in? It also saves a lot of money if you create a scene with 2 actors instead on 3 or even 4. I bet there are a lot of potential customers that agree with me. I will do what you suggested earlier anyway; stay away. I cannot imagine that this is the marketing stategy behind your entreprise. If I were you I'd find out there are more customers coming or going because of this change for gangbang activity. I mean one does not have to blindly follow a competitor for no reason than just "coming along". Furthermore your other websites are OK, besides of the piercings and tattoos. There are also special websites for that. Regards.

01 Oct 2011 05:38 Killy wrote: Cherry Torn is awesome. Nice crossover between SSM and FUD, I assume we are going to see other ones. Hint : Please bring Sybil !

30 Sep 2011 08:05 johncamp wrote: Cherry Torn is always a feast for the eyes and senses! Nice story, nice setting, nice performance. Enjoy it very much. Only I regret that we do not get to see the complete process of undressing. Of course we have seen it many times before but I will never tire of it: the transition from being dressed to totally naked. For me every single scene should have it, whatever the story or setting is. No need for refined striptease, just see her getting naked. Still this is very very nice. Thanks Cherry, thanks everybody!

   09/20/2011 - Nikki Daniels - "The Governator Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 108 Photos - 28 Minutes Video

House is still is session and Governator is still in charge...Our maid is pressed further into action when she is bound to the bed. He passes the law when he mounts her and presses a vibe up against her clit. This housekeeper is definitely being pushed towards the boundaries of civil duty...Then for the final tally, she finds herself cuffed in a spreader bar, another little secret pulled from the bag of tricks...Spread wide and fucked mercilessly, this lovely innocent shall truly serve... Shoot ID: NIK_090211

22 Sep 2011 05:13 Jakeyed wrote: This beats the crap outa the content S&S just posted with Nikki. The acting was equally bad, but at least this was entertaining!

21 Sep 2011 09:12 provost wrote: Wow, Nikki is a beauty with a certain extra something--the look she gives us fro under that spreader bar is priceless. Please invite her back for some time in SSM or SP?

21 Sep 2011 01:47 Tyler wrote: How wide is that spreader bar?

   09/16/2011 - Nikki Daniels - "The Visitor"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 140 Photos - 36 Minutes Video

An impatient, traveling businessman seems to have stumbled upon a grand fortune. As he relaxes in his room, a knock on the door announces the arrival of housekeeping. What greets his eyes however, isn't quite your typical broken down old maid. Rather the opposite, and in walks a damsel of mouth watering proportions…As she sets about her business, ideas of gluttony race through the man's head…And as he watches her bend in front of him, these ideas become irresistible…Overcome by lust, our businessman sets about showing this fine maid exactly what he has in mind. Used to perverse guests on a regular basis, she begrudgingly obliges as he buries his cock balls deep in her face. Then, he reveals his "bag of tricks" and our sexy, little maid quickly realizes that this is no ordinary visitor… Shoot ID: NIK_090211

25 Sep 2011 16:28 Monicalynne wrote: that German accent has to go!!!! Ridiculous

18 Sep 2011 18:42 babalu wrote: Nikki Daniels is attractive, the male dom boring acting as being in a body builder's gym. Fairly poor.

16 Sep 2011 17:31 Leatherman wrote: I do believe that is the Governantor and his maid. Nice spoof :)

   09/06/2011 - Allie Jordan - "Born to Please II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 89 Photos - 23 Minutes Video

Bent and bound Allie is about to find that the limits of her servitude are about to be stretched...even further...She certainly is vulnerable in this position, and Master Bailey takes full advantage of this fact...He teases her with his thick cock and then enters her from behind, Allie meanwhile, moans in pleasure as the speed of his pounding increases. Finally, she finds herself in a full suspension while her Master ravages her. Allie has served him well and was definitely born to please... Shoot ID: ALL_082311

09 Nov 2011 18:32 tom wrote: Bill is the best..... bring him back please.......................

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[51 Total Pages]

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