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   09/02/2011 - Allie Jordan - "Born to Please"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 136 Photos - 25 Minutes Video

Allie is immobile in the stocks as Master Bailey makes is initial inspection. He likes what he sees and it's time to put her through the paces…He gropes and paws at her tight little body and Allie moans in pleasure. The intensity increases when he clamps her nipples and reddens her ass. Allie seems to be a natural servant and this pleases her Master to no end…Her pussy is tight and in order to loosen her up a bit, he stuffs a large dildo deep inside her. Next, a magic wand is slid into place and nestled up against her clit and Allie is pushed to the brink with a mouthful of dick... Shoot ID: ALL_082311

09 Nov 2011 18:09 tom wrote: Bill bailey is one of the hottest master.... so hot

03 Sep 2011 22:57 develand wrote: Keep Master Bailey cummin back and so will I, hot man and less clothing!

03 Sep 2011 01:54 EKC031 wrote: I fell for Allie when she first shot with Ogre a few months back on SocietySM. That was one of the hottest shoots in recent memory. This one is damn hot too. It's Allie!

02 Sep 2011 19:19 knucks1947 wrote: Allie is a natural beauty and her wearing a garter belt and stockings makes her that much more sexier. Could you please have more of your slaves wear garter belts and stockings or just stockings? I find it to be more of a turn on!

   08/26/2011 - Charley Chase - "Natural Selection Process II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 103 Photos - 29 Minutes Video

Now, Charley's superb knob gobbling skills are put to the test as Marcus buries his shaft deep in her face...Charley, the fine slave that she is, bobs and swallows her Master's meat with great dexterity...Restrained tightly in her binds, Charley is ripe for a pussy pounding and she moans with sheer ecstasy as she takes a hard fucking...Charley's definitely a deserving slave and she gets exactly what she deserves and needs in this session... The harder she is fucked the more expressive she becomes as she begs for more. A fine addition to the DungeonCorp stable of slaves indeed... Shoot ID: CHA_081811

03 Sep 2011 22:53 develand wrote: Bring Marcus back!!! Hot & dirty stud!!!

27 Aug 2011 11:40 alex wrote: Wonderfull update Realy liked it is lovers having great sex whith bondage as a part of it - she plays along and positions herself in er bonds - not a passive lumb of meat - looks like both have a great time. Loved the use of the ball gag on off - and her eger way of accepting it - more close ups could have been great though. Perfect if she has been in a wide collar to futher challenge her movements - and look sexy as hell. Love this soooo much more than the rude gang bang type erlier this summer

   08/19/2011 - Charley Chase - "Natural Selection Process"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 115 Photos - 23 Minutes Video

Imagine the pleasure one would have finding that their ideal slave was hand selected for them. That is exactly what Mr. London experienced when he came across busty Charley bound and waiting. Marcus did not waste any time at all getting down to business as he dropped his trousers to find Charley was more than eager to take his dick deep down her throat. Beautiful Charley in fact, proved to be such a willing slave that she was bound to be put through her paces…Fingered and fucked on the floor, Charley received and gave great pleasure as her Master filled her holes. Then, she found herself bound tightly in suspension for even easier access. A vibe pressed against her pussy opened Charley's mind up to new worlds of wonder and opened the door even wider to a world of exploration… Shoot ID: CHA_081811

03 Sep 2011 22:55 develand wrote: This is why I subscribe to this site, Marcus is a fucking stud!!!!

27 Aug 2011 11:44 alex wrote: very hot update - love their chemestry - the use of the gag - and the too seldom use of a collar - all the way through the update. The chaisity belt like thing on her - why?? Ugly and massy - did nothing good to the shoot

21 Aug 2011 03:25 Leatherman wrote: First of all Charley is totally georgeous! Second, but still important is this new Dom. He does a fantastic job of taking control without threats. Great!

20 Aug 2011 00:27 Gag4you wrote: That is a smokin hot babe!

   08/12/2011 - Holly Wood - "The Insemination of Crimson Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 103 Photos - 25 Minutes Video

The mission is clear as Crimson now finds herself tightly bound in yet another precarious position. She has indeed been brought here for breeding purposes…The savages have their way with her…Pussy and mouth filled to capacity…She is a fine specimen, her body a marvel of perfection that they shall seize upon…The goal shall be complete only when insemination has been successful… Shoot ID: HOL_080511

   08/06/2011 - Holly Wood - "The Insemination of Crimson"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 92 Photos - 24 Minutes Video

Riot and his gang waste no time with Crimson...she is stripped, cleaned, dressed and bound...the lingerie with crotchless panties makes her a bit nervous...and the fact that all of her powers are gone...Riot must have magnetically sealed the any case, Crimson is nothing other than a beautiful and helpless woman, bound to a whose future has been mapped out...Crimson will be the mother of the next mutant warlord...after Riot and Manawar finish fucking her...if she survives the pounding... Shoot ID: HOL_080511

29 Jun 2021 02:21 prodical wrote: She is a true beauty and knows how to work that mouth

   07/29/2011 - Nicki Blue - "Happy Ending? Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 123 Photos - 25 Minutes Video

The definition of "physical therapy" continues being skewed as little Nicki is put further through her paces. Dangling from the ceiling in full suspension, Nicki has her face and pussy drilled with cock. Saying she's getting more than her moneys worth, would definitely be an understatement. Finally, she finds herself down on the floor and collared, where she is taken savagely. Legs high in the air, Nicki proves to herself to be a worthy client as her newfound Master unloads on her... Shoot ID: NIC_071511

03 Sep 2011 23:01 develand wrote: Master Bailey is smokin but less clothing on that hot bod!!!!

31 Jul 2011 00:46 StormRider wrote: Nice shoot. Loved Part II when Nicki had her ass reamed! Very sexy. Would be nice to have a shoot with the 3 doms banging a nice, tight ass one after the other.

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[51 Total Pages]

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