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   07/20/2011 - Nicki Blue - "Happy Ending?"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 166 Photos - 29 Minutes Video

Nicki's ready for a little R&R, and she books an appointment with a local masseuse. Right off the bat, the initial meeting is awkward. Finding the gentleman who will be tending to her to be a tad strange, Nicki dismisses her feelings of nervousness in hopes she does indeed have a nice, relaxing session…After disrobing, she lays out on the table and her masseuse begins to tend to her needs. His soothing hands work over her body with lotion and Nicki begins to feel comfortable. This tale takes a twist however when she is bent and bound over the table. What was once a simple day at the spa, has suddenly become and exercise in power and pain… Shoot ID: NIC_071511

05 Jan 2015 20:50 Mike wrote: Nikki Blue is one of the hottest women in the BDSM industry, she even has pretty toes!!, the kind you want to put in your mouth & suck on.

21 Jul 2011 07:28 develand wrote: what's up w/masters leaving their clothing on? with a body like that, what a waste of scene!

   07/15/2011 - Candy Manson - "Eager to Please Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 85 Photos - 24 Minutes Video

How sweet it must be to have such a lovely and eager slave as Candy...Master Mountain peruses her body, fondles her amazing, hefty tits and resumes his plundering...Candy obediently takes what she is given...You can see this is what she wants. Her ability to suck his huge cock is a feat unto itself. Bound tightly, Candy is subjected to the dark side. Her bountiful figure tightly restrained...Tightly bound and legs high, she serves well and she obediently opens wide and gobbles her Master's payload... Shoot ID: CAN_062911

08 Nov 2011 18:19 tom wrote: Wow danny mountain is such a great master hot hot , bring him back

16 Jul 2011 14:50 develand wrote: Congrats, you've picked another hot master, keep 'em cummin and changing up!

   07/06/2011 - Candy Manson - "Eager to Please"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 158 Photos - 22 Minutes Video

Candy finds herself in the predicament of being bound in the cage as Master Mountain approaches. He wastes no time whatsoever getting down to business as he gropes her naked body. Candy, seems enthralled and begins to beg for all he has and he definitely gives it to her…First, fucking her from behind as she screams for more. After he pounds her pussy in the cage, Candy is tied belly down on a wooden plank so he can have even easier access. She proves to be a loyal and eager slave as she takes his dick deep down her throat and between her legs… Shoot ID: CAN_062911

08 Nov 2011 18:05 tom wrote: Danny is wonderdful.....mmmhhh

   07/01/2011 - Aleska Nicole - "The Craving Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 157 Photos - 28 Minutes Video

Aleska's cravings take another twisted turn as she finds herself face down on the bed. Master Bailey warms her up by swatting and reddening her ass. Aleska certainly seems to dig what he's dishing out that's for sure, and she eagerly takes his meat deep in her pussy and face…Finally, she is locked and stocked, and in her prone position she is the perfect fodder for Bailey's ways. Her enjoyment of this experiment is once again evident right up until the cum spattering finale'… Shoot ID: ALE_062011

09 Nov 2011 18:46 tom wrote: great scene bill is top and hot

16 Jul 2011 14:48 develand wrote: Master Bailey is freakin' hot!!! bring him back!!

01 Jul 2011 15:14 Pyche wrote: What a hot bitch! I would love to fuck her!

   06/24/2011 - Aleska Nicole - "The Craving"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 247 Photos - 34 Minutes Video

Aleska's been craving a good fuck. And when we say good fuck, we mean she's been craving the sensation of bound orgasms. She has come to us to fulfill these needs and obviously, she's come to the right place. The lucky guy who shall partake is Bill Bailey and what a lucky guy he is. Aleska is locked and stocked, bent over and ready and Mr. Bailey will surely have his way. Aleska is steadfast as he gropes her body and it is obvious that this is something she deeply desires. She's not shy about voicing her pleasure. And Master Bailey is not shy about putting her through her paces... Shoot ID: ALE_062011

26 Mar 2012 17:27 intrguy wrote: Hi, The MP4 clips on this shoot are messed up. They are washed out and jittery. The .wmv clips are fine, but they are not HiDef. Can you look at fixing the MP4 clips please.

03 Sep 2011 22:58 develand wrote: More Master Bailey!!!!!

26 Jun 2011 19:20 alex wrote: so close to perfect. i love the play - you see she loves it all the way through - not that it gets too soft for that reason. She is gorgeus - the stock is a fine piece of furniture - though you need a more stabile one. Should it have been all perfect she would have been in a wide posture collar in the 2. part - and the interwiew...

25 Jun 2011 21:26 Anon wrote: Aleska is Gorgeous and I love the stocks! Great work! An off the topic question though, have you ever considered putting the shoot number or model name in front of the,, I accidentally overwrote a file before because they are all the same.

   06/17/2011 - Memphis Joy - "Aces High Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 84 Photos - 33 Minutes Video

This poker party is just getting started and the stakes have gotten even higher as Memphis gets fucked by these three studs. With her hands tied overhead, the boys take their turns and give her a vicious cunt and face fucking. As the party progresses, this inadequate gambling babe is bound face down to the poker table where all bets are suddenly off. Fucked from behind with a mouthful of cock, the winning hand is revealed when she is spattered in cum... Shoot ID: MEP_060811

03 Sep 2011 23:41 develand wrote: Seth Dickens is always a favorite master!!!

20 Jun 2011 19:01 Nick wrote: Nice shoot but too many guys.... need some females involved.

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[51 Total Pages]

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