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   06/10/2011 - Memphis Joy - "Aces High"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 112 Photos - 35 Minutes Video

One hot dame, a few horny guys and a card game can prove to be a volatile mix, but that's exactly where Memphis finds herself…Memphis of course doesn't exactly have a keen knowledge in the art of poker and quite often finds herself on the losing end…With every losing hand, Memphis must further disrobe, and the advice from her party mates isn't quite what what we'd consider sound. Eventually there's no clothes left to remove and Memphis must pay the house by other means… Shoot ID: MEP_060811

03 Sep 2011 23:42 develand wrote: More Master Dickens please!!!!!

20 Jun 2011 19:02 Nick wrote: Get some more women involved.

   06/01/2011 - Paris Rocks - "Unusual Business Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 109 Photos - 24 Minutes Video

Our new slave has caught the attention of our loyal client…He seems to really enjoy all we've provided. After her initial introduction to his mannerisms, Paris is put even further through her paces…With the damsel bent over the bed, Mr. Stone paws her body before mounting her from behind. Her tight pussy is filled to the brim with her Master's giant dick…Next, she is bound and spread…She now becomes a toy for this Sadistic dude. Paris takes all he has to give and proves herself worthy. Her just reward is a massive load which she obediently gobbles up… Shoot ID: PAR_052411

20 Jun 2011 19:03 Nick wrote: Great stuff... just what I do to my wife.

09 Jun 2011 22:21 Don wrote: Bent and Spread...a fine combination!

   05/27/2011 - Paris Rocks - "Unusual Business"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 199 Photos - 40 Minutes Video

Lee seems like the average business man, he has a penchant for the twisted though. His hearty appetite requires special attention, and here at DungeonCorp, we love to provide…Paris is a new girl in our stable of dames, fresh from across the pond and when we first meet her we know that she will fit the bill perfectly for Mr. Stone's playtime. We leave Paris bound and waiting for our client's arrival and he is very pleased indeed when he stumbles upon what we have for him…Paris' body is pawed greedily before she is put through her paces to demonstrate she can indeed please. She takes his humongous dick as far down as humanly possible and it's clear from the start that she will serve well… Shoot ID: PAR_052411

   05/20/2011 - Nikki Sexx - "Surprise Sexx Party Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 141 Photos - 48 Minutes Video

Time to up the ante on this buxom party slave…Nikki finds herself bound and bent in the strangest of places…to her at least. As she struggles and writhes in her ties, she tries to gain any type of salvation in regards to the situation she's found herself in…Just as she finds a slight glimmer of possible hope though, the party creeps enter and the fucking fiesta begins yet again… Shoot ID: NIK_050211

26 May 2011 12:19 Garfold wrote: Great job. These guys really know how to challenge a girl. How about getting this trio to work over someone like Madison Young?

20 May 2011 18:15 MrJohnson wrote: This is the best that your gang bangers have done. Perhaps you need different storylines? They were very comfortable in this one. Then again, maybe it was just Nikki Sexx :)

20 May 2011 13:25 Thor wrote: Nikki si just awesome!

20 May 2011 12:17 Patrick wrote: Wow what a 2 parter, amazing shoot and an unbelieveable HOT Nikki Sexx (what's in a name). Thank you Mr O and keep it up!

   05/11/2011 - Nikki Sexx - "Surprise Sexx Party"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 193 Photos - 41 Minutes Video

We all dig a hot date. Especially when things work out…Dinner, a movie, maybe a little "dessert" so to speak…Nikki sure is sexy. Any man would consider himself lucky to even take her out, much less lure her back to his lair. The thing about Nikki though, is that she's a little unversed shall we say in the fetish factor and this dirty bastard digs that…After a quick make out session, the experimentation begins. It all seems a bit awkward to Nikki, but she's a good sport, she'll play along…The intensity builds a bit as the unsuspecting babe allows the creep to blindfold her…Without the advantage of site, Nikki seems to get a little hot when her mouth is filled with dick. She eagerly laps long and hard on that cock. Seems she is more than happy to please…A natural submissive so to speak…But, little does Nikki know that they are not alone…And she's in for the surprise of her life… Shoot ID: NIK_050211

10 Jun 2014 14:06 KS wrote: Awesome set!

04 Jul 2013 14:37 BigNikkiFan wrote: Amazing scene but the VIDEOS from this update do not download!!! end up only with a document file giving the address the file should be located at... HELP!!! all other videos download fine from all other updates on your site...... HELP HELP

19 Sep 2011 20:44 isis wrote:

13 May 2011 18:28 Thor wrote: A direct hit. Fantastic scenes.

12 May 2011 15:19 Skizm wrote: A very good use of the blind date theme. Blind on a cock train :)

12 May 2011 10:58 Slammmer wrote: Nikki is HOT!

   05/04/2011 - Gia DiMarco - "By Way of Treason Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 257 Photos - 35 Minutes Video

Our traitor has gotten herself into even deeper water...Her refusal to sign the confessional papers has put her interrogator in a slightly awkward position...Nothing as awkward as the state she will find herself in however...Shackled to the bars, the interrogation continues. Fucked from behind her refusal to budge becomes infuriating. Then, bound on the bed, she receives a brutal poking. Brought to a furious orgasm, the turncoat finally agrees to sign. Of course, being the conniving, treasonous tart that she is, this was her plan all along... Shoot ID: GIA_041811

18 Sep 2011 21:47 daboss wrote: I love a fake titted hot nasty slut who is willing to take a cumshot with no hesitation and willing to take a fist from Isis Love too! This chick is a dream and fantasy!

07 May 2011 10:00 Skizm wrote: I like it!

05 May 2011 19:23 develandb wrote: While I don't mean to detract from Lee, a smokin hot dude, I'll make you a deal that I will stop asking for Domenic Kane if you'll just give him one movie of his own. I know he has it in him to put on one hell of a hot show and make it totally worth my membership fee!!!

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[51 Total Pages]

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