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   04/28/2011 - Gia DiMarco - "By Way of Treason"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 248 Photos - 38 Minutes Video

The World can be one big, cold and lonely place…especially when you fuck with the powers that be…Seems this broad has been found guilty of doing just that…Treason is the official charge and the judgement shall begin…Spirited away in the middle of the night, this fine assed turncoat finds herself in a cold, dark interrogation room…Her singular option is to sign the confession and face the charges placed before her…She's a tough nut to crack though, and an alternative means of coercion much be employed to force her hand…Exactly what will it take to break her? Shoot ID: GIA_041811

27 Aug 2011 04:33 PravusL wrote: I have no idea why anyone would advertise how much they hate something they've just paid for. Attention?

04 May 2011 01:53 Crymsum wrote: I have enjoyed both the single Dom and gang bang updates. I'm glad for the variety.

02 May 2011 22:40 Thor wrote: The stories make every shoot better! Gia is fantastic as a sexy sex criminal!

30 Apr 2011 00:18 Sinner wrote: John, just kick his ass out. Having an opinion and stating it is one thing. You don't need to deal with members who are trying to advertise their distaste for your content. I would appreciate you blocking his commentary, if not just blocking him would do. Im going to watch the Gia shoot now!

30 Apr 2011 00:10 Ogre wrote: The truth is, sales and retention have increased since we started the gangbang shoots...I got pissed because you got rude...Pretty much the standard for all humans. Rude begets rude. OF course you can have a refund...but why dont you cancel first? Then email our customer support...Ill tell them to look for the shit talking bitch :) For everyone else, I hope you all know that your subscription includes daily updates from all of our sites. Best deal in internet bondage subscriptions without a doubt...Thanks and have a great weekend :)

29 Apr 2011 23:33 dorkfunk98 wrote: hey Ogre, it's your buddy again. think whatever you want but the truth usually hurts which is probably why you got pissed at me. I've been a big fan of Fuckingdungeon for a long time. I signed up for this site a bunch of times (probably at least 10), and only signed up for those "competitive sites" a couple of times. I actually always thought this one was better. The gang bang scenes have gotten a little boring, and the split shoots, not giving them all at once seems kind of like a diservice to your members. I mean for one month your only getting two shoots in four weeks. The truth is I'm just a fan of this site who is disappointed in its downhill direction. Many actually agree with me but I just choose to not be super nice about my constructive criticism. I payed for this site. but if you think I should leave that's str8, you wanna give me my $29.95 back? In the meantime I'll check out this Gia Demarco set and tell you what I think since I know you can't wait to see what I have to say.

29 Apr 2011 19:53 Samwhise wrote: Gia is such a beautiful woman! This is sure to be a crowd pleaser :)

   04/22/2011 - Nikki Daniels - "Watching Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 155 Photos - 28 Minutes Video

Locked is that tiny room, Niiki's man has no choice but to observe everything as it unfolds…Was this part of the fantasy? Or did it somehow go awry? Nikki, knowing that all eyes are upon her, certainly seems up to the task as she is passed around like the last cigarette at a smokers convention…The seedy bastards that are lucky enough to partake in this bounty, leave no stone unturned when it comes to showing these curiosity seekers a "good time". The thing is though, for a curious couple, only one of them would leave fulfilled… Shoot ID: NIK_041111

01 May 2011 17:42 therider1971 wrote: Yo HAVE to make this a regular storyline. Couples signing on, not knowing what they are getting into. My wife and I have fucked to this all weekend.

28 Apr 2011 18:53 develandb wrote: ...and all I'm wanting is some more Domenic Kane:(

28 Apr 2011 12:57 MrJohnson wrote: Very well put Mr O.

27 Apr 2011 00:37 Ogre wrote: I understand certainly do tell your opinion as though it were fact, sir...I do listen to the comments that are made, regardless of the tone...we have a couple guys saying they dont like this, we have a couple more guys saying the opposite...and our sales and traffic indicate a wider interest from, with all due respect and in the hopes of you listening to constructive criticism, don't be too perturbed if my decisions dont go your way...BUT, you will be happy to see the update with Gia Demarco and Lee Stone coming this week :)

25 Apr 2011 08:19 Bingo wrote: Dear Mr Ogre. I'll try to put this to you as respectfully as possible, in the hope of you listening to constructive criticism. These guys are getting boring. You need to rotate your male talent, in the same way you rotate your female talent. They have been exposed far to much on your sites now, and while I'm sure there are some people who like them, they have to started to really annoy me for showing up so many times in a row. Like I said, with all respect, I'm telling you this to help you make the site(s) even better.

23 Apr 2011 14:09 Samwhise wrote: Ogre, I think you are right about dorkfunk. This material is unquestionably some of the best you have ever posted. A heavy handed and rude complaint like that is obviously from someone who is pissed about something other than the posts. Keep up the great work!

23 Apr 2011 07:48 Ginger wrote: I agree with Ogre these Gangbang bondage shoots are good more senarios are needed though. But hey love the idea, keep it up. Cheer

23 Apr 2011 03:22 Ogre wrote: The sites have always been managed by me. We have gotten really great response to the new GangBang style shoots...So much so that a rival company is now starting a GangBang bondage site of their own. Success stories travel fast! With the tone of your comment and the really rude statements Im thinking youre either male talent who is pissed that I dont hire you anymore. Not Otto. Not his style at all. Or you're a disgruntled fanatic of another site who came here to talk shit. The best way to exercise your disappointment is to leave. We're looking forward to it! Thanks much and have a great weekend...

22 Apr 2011 22:14 dorkfunk98 wrote: what the hell is up with the split shoots. what a dam rip off. And is this site under new management? It sux now. Bring back JP and Otto bauer. at least they made the scenes interesting. Now its the same 3 boring ass meathead riod fags in every shoot and they pretty much all suck. Very disappointed with this site these days.

22 Apr 2011 16:25 Whitey wrote: Sorry about that, it is now fixed. Clip 1 was the culprit, pointing to the same location as Clip 2. Thank you for the heads up.

22 Apr 2011 14:02 Namejmcc wrote: Nikki Daniels - Watching FUD VID 2 hot link points to the same file as the first movie (HD at least). File sizes an content of both files is same. Please fix. thankx, DJMCC

   04/13/2011 - Nikki Daniels - "Watching"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 35 Photos - 185 Minutes Video

An ordinary couple, with some rather unordinary desires, takes to seeking outside assistance in their romantic endeavors…They then decide take a trip to a "specialist"…While making their way to their destination, it becomes apparent that they are progressing forth into something just a little bit different than they may have expected…They open the door and walk into a dark and gloomy hallway…Maybe this is the wrong place? Suddenly, everything blurs, Nikki's man finds himself locked in a chamber with no way out. His only portal to the outside world, and what could possibly be taking place with his woman, is the monitor that resides in front of him… Shoot ID: NIK_041111

04 May 2011 01:54 Ogre wrote: The proof may be in her pudding :)

01 May 2011 17:51 therider1971 wrote: My wife wants Ogre to know - quote - "I know this is fantastic stuff because it gets me, a woman, off so fast."

22 Apr 2011 00:03 Heinrich wrote: Most fantastic!

14 Apr 2011 21:27 Fish wrote: I've been enjoying the 3on1 updates, the last Cheyenne update in particular is no joke one of the top 10 scenes i've ever seen IMO. This is another quality update for me, especially the storyline this time. FD to me at least is about sexy subs getting fucked in very dominant situations/setups. The more the actress is able to service and handle at once is a-ok with me; I could care less if the same guys show up if they are performing and the ladies are sexy. Everyone has their opinion, but there is enough "pure" BDSM on the other sites here that I think these updates are great.

14 Apr 2011 21:15 Ogre wrote: We aren't really going for BDSM with sex, so good! FuckingDungeon's theme has always been fantasy storylines with bondage and sex. BUT, we are tossing around the idea of BDSM with SEX as I really do see as another genre. Requiring an experienced Dom who also fucks. That is not an easy roll to fill.

14 Apr 2011 19:09 develandb wrote: I agree and using Jordan Lane over and over is also getting boring

14 Apr 2011 05:27 franc wrote: these shoots with three guys on one female doesn't work .this isn't BDSM with sex . it's more similar to a porn with ropes .I don't like it

   04/08/2011 - Cheyenne Jewel - "No Holes Barred Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 212 Photos - 33 Minutes Video

Just when it seemed like it couldn't get any does...Cheyenne is now bound to the bed...The boys continue to have their way with her. The intensity is turned up a couple notches now though...She struggles to answer their inquiries and for each correct answer she receives a reward. No holes are barred and Cheyenne's holes are filled to the brim. Ass, cunt, mouth...nothing is spared. Splayed out on the bed, Cheyenne opens wide and takes it all. Finally, her gagged and gaping mouth is spattered with cum... Shoot ID: CHE_031911

23 May 2011 14:59 Garfold wrote: Outstanding! Do more like this. You're the best BDSM site around.

03 May 2011 20:17 Megaman67 wrote: Awesome! Love Cheyenne! I liked the slapping, her taking it from behind and the ring gag cumshot. Awesome!

09 Apr 2011 19:15 Samwhise wrote: The gang bang updates are where it's at!

09 Apr 2011 08:21 Jerry wrote: You should have called this one FUCKED BY HEATHENS. The ring gag was perfect for the cum shots! Top notch update in every aspect.

09 Apr 2011 00:24 Fish wrote: Waited all week to see how this would end up... this is a classic scene. If this is what the price of admission pays to produce, I won't be leaving any time soon. Sexy curvy submissive getting absolutely dominated. Don't know if it is a coincidence or you guys actively listen to feed back, but I mentioned that my only wish for the Audrey update was to see her get her mouth loaded up with cum and you guys delivered here. Nice touch with the ring gag.

08 Apr 2011 07:22 develand wrote: Wow, thanks again sir for letting me see ultimate stud Domenic use Cheyenne as a cum dump and also for bringing Seth back!

08 Apr 2011 03:21 Kai wrote: Why is not available anymore????

   04/01/2011 - Cheyenne Jewel - "No Holes Barred"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 176 Photos - 39 Minutes Video

Seems Cheyenne has some needs that she wants fulfilled and she has chosen DungeonCorp…She doesn't exactly start off on the right foot though, she shows up late for her appointment and that doesn't sit well with her new Master. As punishment, she is bent over and spanked…With her ass cheeks reddened, Cheyenne is led into action. Her hands are hoisted overhead and Master Lane begins to grope her exposed body. He fingers her to a frenzy, and now that she's warmed up so to speak, Cheyenne is introduced to her fate…The gentlemen are led in and what unfolds is a veritable feast… A dingy Dungeon, one foxy chick, three seedy dudes, and each one of these sadistic fellows is hungry for a place to shove their rock-hard cocks. They will have their fill of this dame… Shoot ID: CHE_031911

14 Apr 2011 17:19 xbeautifulxliex wrote: There is a reason I adore you, Jordan and this is just helping so everyone why!! I haven't even watched the whole thing yet and I love it!!! Getting the mental aspects in with the physical make me an extremely happy girl!

02 Apr 2011 18:04 Reecee_Moe wrote: As a porn producer, performer and connossieur I must admit this is for me 1 of the top 5 performances I have seen in my life. This scene was fukkin outstanding. I'll probably re-new my membership and hit up Cheyeene for a scene as she was fabulous! Kudos!

01 Apr 2011 19:13 Fish wrote: What a good girl, can't wait to see the next part. These very dominant gang bang shoots are awesome, love em... based on the responses I don't think I'm alone. Love the cute panties, would like to see more sexy lingerie / panties

01 Apr 2011 06:23 develand wrote: Damn, now that's what I'm talkin'bout! Thanks for bringing back stud Domenic Kane even though he still doesn't get the solo he deserves and I'm waiting for. You can bring back Seth Dickens anytime also, hope Cheyenne appreciates her position between those two studs, I know I would be in dungeon heaven!!!!

   03/25/2011 - Slave Rose - "A Rose by Any Other Name...Pt II "
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 192 Photos - 30 Minutes Video

Ah sweet Rose, her adventure continues as Master Miller carries on having his way...This innocent looking Damsel may not be quite as innocent as we thought she was once, but does that make her any less sweet? Not to Miller it doesn't. He takes pleasure in his slave as he clamps her nipples and fucks her in her bound state. Rose is pushed towards the edge and beyond mentally and physically as she seeks herself... Shoot ID: ROS_030311

27 May 2011 20:44 jun wrote: a movie doesn't work after 5 minutes.......

30 Mar 2011 17:46 develand wrote: Hopefully, next update will have me some Domenic Kane, you want to keep me happy to rejoin don't you?

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[51 Total Pages]

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