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FuckingDungeon does not support violence against women, men, children or animals. The women and men on this site are professional models who willingly play out these scenes for our entertainment and education. Great care goes into their comfort and enjoyment while portraying these scenes. We do not reccomend that anyone try any of these activities at home without first consulting professional manuals, personalities or websites.

Regarding our new all inclusive subscriptions -
At this point, all members, new and old have access to all five of our sites. Each site uses the same login as the others. If you joined FuckingDungeon 6 months ago, your login will work on the other four sites. If you use the LOGIN LOCATOR (below) because you lost your login info or it was compromised and blocked, your login for all five of the sites will be changed.

Why doesn't my login work anymore?
Is it possible that your subscription has expired? If not, our SECURITY SYSTEM has blocked your account. Our security system works on a fairly simple premise. If it detects multiple logins from different IP addresses, it will block the login. This means that you may not share your login info. If you do, your account will be shut down. Most people do not share thier logins, rather, it is stolen and used by someone else. In either case, you can use the LOGIN LOCATOR (below) to get a new password. If we see you constantly using the login locator system, we may assume that you are sharing your login and contact you about it.

How is my login info being used by someone else?
There are many ways that hackers can get your login info and use it. We do what we can on our side to counter their attacks. If you find your login is being blocked on a regular basis, it is almost certain that the hackers are reading the info from your computer. They do this with Malware, Spyware and Viruses. We strongly encourage you to get an anti-spyware/malware program to rid your computer of these problems. We highly reccomend RegCure. Just do a search on google for Regcure or anti-spyware software. Anti-virus software may not be enough to clean your computer of these types of issues.

Do not contact our billing companies if your login does not work -
If your login stops working and you are sure your subscription is still active do not contact the billing companies. They will be unable to assist you with a new login. First, try to use our LOGIN LOCATOR (below). If that does not work for you, please contact us using the CUSTOMER SERVICE link (below).

It is becoming increasingly harder to get email to people these days. If you used the LOGIN LOCATOR or the CUSTOMER SERVICE link, you need to check your spam and bulk email folders for our response.

Lost Login or Forgotten Password?
Please use this quick and easy form : FuckingDungeon Login Locator

How can I quickly and easily cancel my recurring subscription?

NetBilling Customers : Customer service for Netbilling
CCBill Customers : Customer service for CCbill
Epoch Customers : Customer service for Epoch
WTS/ACH Customers : Customer service for WTS/ACH

Where are the Videos located?
You wil find the video clip of each scene at the top of the gallery pages. Not every gallery has a video clip because there may be 1, 2 or 3 photo galleries per scene but only one video clip, so we place that scene's clip at the top of the last gallery for each scene.

Where can I find players for your video clips and streams?
Windows Media Player : Go here to download
Real Media Player : Go here to download
Quick Time Player : Go here to download
Windows Media Flip for Mac : Go here to download

How can I contact the webmaster ?
Please use this quick and easy form : DungeonCorp Customer Service