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Breanne Benson
  03/04/2010 - Breanne Benson 4 Scenes - 370 Photos - 47 Minutes Video  

Breanne is the typical LA girl; blonde hair, tan body, and HOT! Otto put in a special request for this type of girl and we can't disappoint our clients so, we got her. We have her strung up on display for him to explore and have his way with. It takes a little time for her to warm up to Otto's level of intensity but, even if she doesn't, it's ok. He is here for one thing, and it doesn't matter to him if she likes it or not. Her role is to suffer and take cock, that's it. Let's see how she does...

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12 Mar 2010 14:47 cmufti wrote: Lovely girl.

07 Mar 2010 04:04 kaz wrote: Update link is wrong February 19. It is not possible to access it. Please change the link from "" to "".