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Carmel Moore
  11/13/2008 - Carmel Moore 3 Scenes - 232 Photos - 37 Minutes Video  
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Free Video Clip. This weeks video clips are located on top of galleries 2,3 & 4. Carmel is smoking hot, she's been in the business for quite awhile but, she's never been involved in a real bondage scenario. Master Otto eyed the goods greedily and began his tirade of debauchery. Carmel's fantastic body becomes a playground as Otto takes his slave from every position humanly possible before he feeds her a hearty helping of man-juice.

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05 Mar 2009 19:57 Ogler wrote: Oh dear :( I hate being negative but I'm a natural kinda guy and Carmel has a need to change what she naturally is into what she sees as better. There isn't a "right" and a "wrong" about it but - Sorry Carmel - your presentation of yourself presses lots of "off" buttons for me. .....I'll try to be positive but I can't be sure I'll be taken that way. Clip 1 and Carmel is lying helpless on her back. Otto wants to demonstrate her cunt to the camera. I'm for that! That most womanly part doesn't lend itself to faking. Looking at the bit that's aching for a fuck turns me on. I'm not so sure about Otto's spitting. Sure, lubrication is necessary but with the right treatment girls usually lubricate themselves. The spitting suggests that Otto won't wait for gentle fingering to work. Sticking in the dick always gets me going - the cruder and more explicit the better. It's an animal thing to do and I'm an animal too. I like the various pubic growths and shadows and the dangly, wibbly bits of twat disturbed by the dicking. Animals forever! I try to imagine the feelings of the girl with a long hard cock prodding her cervix. Clip 2 Carmel's been turned belly down and Otto is slapping her bum. There's not much sign that it's painful. He goes for a face fuck. Carmel seems to be the one in control which rather squashes any drama. Pussyfucking comes next and (predictably) I like it. I especially like the close-up wet shafting - good animal stuff and Ogler positive. Otto lies back for a dick-suck and Carmel looks as if she's had plenty of practice. He goes round to the genital end but Camera doesn't follow :( ............Clip 3 ...Carmel's on her side bound hand and foot on a bed. Otto spanks her bum with his dick and turns her undercarriage round to the camera as he fucks her - good fun-to-watch stuff. Getting serious, he lifts her legs and does a kneeling-missionary-style on her giving her a good reaming. Time for a change (I like short episodes of activity) and he turns her round to hang her head over the end of the bed and takes the gag out to fuck her face. She doesn't seem to mind so he puts the gag back and brings her rear to the camera for a close-up fucking. No complaint from me! Camera gets her entire body and the cock-in-cunt pounding. The doggy with tied arms and feet is different. Camera eventually finds an angle and we watch the penetrated puss for a while before Otto goes round to the front end to cum in Carmel's mouth. There's a final interview with bad acoustics. Carmel doesn't look as severe with a big smile and wearing her gag as a necklace.

15 Feb 2009 12:30 StudMuffin wrote: This Bitch is HOT!!! I want to see more of her! Do long Tit-whipping scene with her!

28 Nov 2008 22:11 jules01 wrote: Carmel is stunning but would be even better in black lingerie.

14 Nov 2008 11:07 MikeGpa2 wrote: I like the leather Doms a lot better. Or at least muscular and defined.