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Suzanne Kelly
  04/29/2010 - Suzanne Kelly 4 Scenes - 323 Photos - 50 Minutes Video  

What to do when there's nothing to do at the studio in Van Nuys? Just walk across the street to "Hush"...the new strip club that just's one of those no alcohol joints...But the chics do get fully nude, and for the most part, you can buy just about whatever you want...It only takes an adventurous mind needing to make some real money, and typically, you got your girl for the evening...or, in this case, the afternoon...It didnt take long for the Pope and Derrick to find a willing young slut...such a hot body, but all I can stare at is her cunt and eyes...what a looker, up and down...they ask her to come back over to our place...this one ain't nervous at all...she's ready to be bound and romped...the Pope ties her up and Derrick fucks her...Suzanne doesnt seem to mind at all....not even when he pulls out and cums all over her stomach...she does seem a bit startled when the Pope and Big Bad stuff her in a gym bag...such is the life of a bondage hooker...OGRE

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