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   07/01/2010 - Holly Heart - "By BDSM Dreams be Driven"
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 511 Photos - 58 Minutes Video

I didnt know a damn thing about Holly Heart before this shoot...only her name, and I knew the Pope had been trying to book her...The day of her shoot, I was so busy in the office that I didnt even get a chance to jog down the hall and say hi...hell, I didnt even see her...that's too bad to...after watching her interviews and shoot, Im a Holly Heart fanatic...she's a hard bodied, angel-faced, bondage freak...and intelligent...and there's something about her eyes...and her facial times during the shoot, Holly just seems to go away into her own head...but you can still see what she's going through...bound, helpless and fucked other times, she's very dramatic and emotional...It's great to have Christian back and he fucks her like the giant that he is...these two mesh really well...incredible chemistry...Holly has been dreaming about BDSM fantasies for over ten years, but only got into BDSM last year in a professional her, this is all a dream come true...she says it in the interview...but to me, as with all dreams, in all things, all we have to do is allow ourselves to live our dreams...or nightmares...all those shallow vanilla types could be into BDSM...into all these things that they claim they cannot relate me, they're just afraid to open their eyes...and look deeper into their own sexuality...I think what everyone finds is a link to power and control...they may not be tuned in or not listening and just enjoying thier silly vanilla sex which is only the very suface of the emotions of the act of sex...they feel an urge to keep themselves civilized or bridled...perhaps they would enjoy pony play a bit more than power-driven, bound-fucking...but this is my thing...and Holly and Christian feel the same way...the Pope ties her up and Christain does his thing...its fuckin beautiful, man, beautiful...OGRE Shoot ID: HOL_062510

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25 Mar 2013 15:43 Displeased wrote: Any chance you guys can get the videos working any time soon?

19 Mar 2012 21:21 Bob D. wrote: Holly is a remarkably talented and beautiful young woman.

29 Nov 2011 06:11 Eddie wrote: Nice tight hard body!

06 Jun 2011 09:50 PleasureLord1 wrote: Wow, talk about a model with beauty AND a killer body! Keep up those daily workouts Holly, I love your athletic shape. All of the scenes were great, but I'm particularly fond of the breath control ones. If I were to pick a favorite, it would be Holly tied spread eagle while standing. I could admire that body all day... :-)

30 Oct 2010 01:17 Chris wrote: I love here; she is a real women and the action is perfect; again please.

11 Aug 2010 08:15 handles wrote: Great model. Besides-she is beautiful.

16 Jul 2010 14:29 I Love Doms wrote: Master Christian is the best. More brutality and asphyxiation please....

05 Jul 2010 17:54 alex wrote: she just needed a posture collar...

05 Jul 2010 07:22 m16aika wrote: very nice

   05/04/2012 - Holly Wood - "The Receiving End Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 52 Photos - 22 Minutes Video

Holly now dangles, fully bound and suspended as Lee roughly rides her. Her muffled moans fill the Dungeon as she gets her justly deserved fucking. She struggles in her ties when she is bent over the box and Mr. Stone has no intention of making anything easier on her. With her head down, she obediently takes her fucking until her Master has his fill. She receives a vicious pounding as he stuffs her to the brim and then leaves her knowing who is truly in control... Shoot ID: HOL_040912

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   04/27/2012 - Holly Wood - "The Receiving End"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 152 Photos - 31 Minutes Video

We're mostly accustomed to seeing Holly dishing it out, today however, she'll be on the receiving end...And she'll definitely be taking it...Lee has a detailed plan in mind and he's going to teach Holly exactly what he wants and how. Once he has her down on her knees, she is instructed to take his dick in her mouth and she valiantly complies. Once satisfied that she will be up to the task, Holly is bent on the bed and put through a myriad of positions which has Holly proving her mettle. This bound and busty vixen finds herself taking all that Lee is going to give her... Shoot ID: HOL_040912

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28 Apr 2012 05:21 Anon wrote: Yes..Yes..Yes... The long awaited return of Holly to the dungeon, and she doesn't disappoint.

   04/20/2012 - Reena Sky - "Do As You Wish Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 78 Photos - 24 Minutes Video

Now that Lee's been given carte blanche, (we'll do just about anything to keep a loyal customer happy), there's no telling exactly what he may have up his sleeve. With Reena bound flat on her back, he gets to groping this fine piece of meat before getting a little foot job. He then barrels inside of her tight pussy and plows away. He can't resist tasting her pussy either and he makes sure to take the time to sample those wares. Once she's bound from the rafters, he has an even longer taste of her cunt before he mounts her from behind, banging this bound beauty into oblivion. He removes her gag and stuffs his cock deep in her mouth before one last lunge at her pussy. Meanwhile, Reena is rendered helpless, dangling from above...She serves well however and her just reward is a mouthful of cum. In the end, we kept another customer happy. And Reena? She'll be hanging around... Shoot ID: REE_040212

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22 Apr 2012 15:37 Marc wrote: Loved the scene with her lying on her back Would like to see women without the gags every time, but that's not going to happen on the DC sites. They make up for it in other ways though.

   04/11/2012 - Reena Sky - "Do As You Wish"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 112 Photos - 20 Minutes Video

Mr. Stone has put in a request and we've slightly missed the mark, what we have before him isn't exactly what he specified. After a bit of hemming and hawing, and a drop in price, Lee agrees to accept this dame to see what she's got. Once he signs on the dotted line, he gets a bit of a closer inspection. After all, he's made the journey to our lair and he will extract all the value he can out of this visit. We've given him the go ahead to do as he wishes and hopefully we can retain our loyal customer. One thing is for certain though, he's going to get his money's worth... Shoot ID: REE_040212

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   04/06/2012 - Presley Hart - "What She Needs Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 68 Photos - 18 Minutes Video

I sure do hope that Presley's digging her bondage adventure. They say you'd better be careful about what you wish for. Maybe she's bitten off more than she can chew...Bill's got her bound ass over end as he inspects her fine pussy and then he barrels on in from behind while she squeals like a banshee. Next, Presley's in a full on suspension and she's taken advantage of as she dangles there. A little dick slapping, then her gag is removed so she can have her fill of cock. She tries her best to take it all and puts forth a worthy effort, taking it deep. Then, she's spun to and fro as Bill swaps holes before her face is covered in a geyser of cum. Shoot ID: PRE_032112

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08 Apr 2012 13:52 viking1965 wrote: I agree, the shoot was fuckin awesome as were Bill and especially you Presley. Get this beautiful babe back as soon and as often as you can guys.

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